Signs That Your Heating Oil Tank Needs A Replacement

home that uses heating oilResidential heating systems are highly dependent on the state of the oil tank. Tanks usually last for a long time, but they will eventually run into problems. Fortunately for owners, home heating experts are available for solutions to related issues. Their services are efficient, economical, and reliable.

Winters can be a pleasant experience as long as owners are vigilant in monitoring their heating oil systems. At the first sign of trouble, a professional can be called in to perform appropriate remedies.

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Signs You Need An Oil Tank Upgrade Lyme CT

By knowing what to look for, you can prevent any issues with your oil tank before they happen. In this article, we will discuss some of the common signs that indicate the need for an oil tank upgrade.

Stay On Top Of Potential Oil Leaks

Sludge will build up at the base of the tank even if you use high-quality oil. The accumulated sludge can trigger rusting in the interior. The corroded surface will weaken and may succumb to pressure. Holes can form where oil will leak out. It is difficult to detect this phenomenon in its early stages. Most people become aware only once the leakage is bad enough to draw attention. If you suspect an oil leak, contact professionals right away. They will try to prevent the liquid from contaminating the groundwater.

Is Your HVAC System Using Oil Inefficiently?

home fuel oil delivery serviceOil should be used up at a steady rate. A faster than normal consumption merits further investigation. Be sure to call in a professional if your oil consumption has increased unexpectedly.

Check For Exterior Damage On Your Fuel Oil Tank

Most problems with heating oil tanks begin in the interior when sediments build up at the bottom. However, damage can start from the outside as well. If you see issues like rust, cracks, chips, and peeling paint, then you have to be on high alert as they could be signs of impending or ongoing problems. Also, oil tanks should not have any dents or corroded areas. These are symptoms of underlying issues.

Ideally, tanks should be kept in an environment with optimal temperatures. This will not be the case if they are installed outside the house where they could face harsh winters exposed to the elements. Performance could suffer after prolonged exposure.

Be sure to keep an eye out for wet spots. Tanks should be dry on the outside. If you notice wet spots developing along the surface or underneath the base, then you are probably facing a problem that needs the expertise of a professional. Call a heating professional to look into the matter as soon as possible.

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Be Aware Of Your Oil Tank’s Age

Tanks need to be replaced from time to time. Owners need not to worry since the typical lifespan is around 15 years. If yours has not been replaced for longer than this period, then you might want to consider it to avoid inefficiencies and expensive issues down the road.

Unstable Support Or Wobbly Tank Legs

The tank needs stable legs in order to provide maximum performance. Therefore, the installation must be flawless. If the legs are uneven, then the tank may start to develop issues. This must be addressed at the soonest possible time by a certified professional.

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Dealing With A Faulty Vent Alarm

fuel oil tankInstalling vent alarms is a good safety precaution. It should sound off once the tank is filled. If you do not hear an alarm, then it might be broken. Have a pro look into it right away.

Unprotected Oil Lines & Pipe Clogs

The tank transports fuel to the furnace through the oil lines. These should be inspected periodically to monitor damage. If the protective rubber tubing has cracks, then this should be replaced by a pro. The vent pipes may get clogged from infestations and the cold. These should be cleaned quickly.

Broken Fuel Gauge On Your Oil Tank

Heating system fuel gauges can get frozen or broken for many reasons. A pro should check the matter and perform repairs as soon as possible.


Oils tanks have a mean lifespan of 15 years. If you can maintain it well, then you might extend it to 20 years. Consider investing in a new tank if the old one in your home is faulty. It is worth every penny, especially if you plan to stay in your property for a long time.

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