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Propane Furnaces And Boilers

Propane furnaces, boilers, and water heaters come in all shapes and sizes. Many propane furnaces with an AFUE of 95 or higher and boilers with an AFUE of 90 or more qualify for tax credits and other incentives that can pay a portion of your purchase and installation costs.

Propane Furnaces

With efficiency ratings of 95 and up, propane furnaces provide all the advantages of gas heat without the limitations of being near a gas pipeline. Did you know that a propane furnace produces air that is up to 25 degrees warmer than an electric heat pump? That means more heat for less money! Plus, today’s propane furnaces are more compact than ever, so they easily fit in tight spaces in your home.

Propane Equipment Rebates

Oftentimes, there are attractive rebates offered by propane manufacturers as well as government agencies. Be sure to contact us to discover what current rebates are available for your new propane heating equipment.

Here are some of the brands of propane furnaces we install.

trane propane furnace installation

Trane XC95m
The XC95m is rated with up to 95% efficiency (AFUE) and uses ComfortLink II communicating technology to connect all of your key components so the system automatically charges, configures and calibrates for optimal performance through its lifetime. When the optional Telephone Access Module (TAM) is added, you can conveniently adjust settings and receive system updates by phone wherever you are.

  • Variable-speed fan motor adjusts speed to provide a consistent flow of warm, comfortable air with quiet operation.
  • Add Trane CleanEffects™ for advanced air filtration that removes more dust, pollen and other irritants from conditioned air for a cleaner, healthier, more comfortable home.

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Here are some of the brands of propane boilers we install.

Propane Boilers

Today’s propane boilers have efficiency ratings of 90 percent or more. Upgrading to a high-efficiency propane boiler means big savings – up to 30% – cleaner emissions, and a cozy home! And new propane boilers take up little space – in fact, wall-hung boilers can fit in a closet!

bosch propane boiler installation

Buderus Logamax Plus GB142
Utilizing energy-saving condensing technology, the Logamax Plus GB142 series is exceptionally reliable and efficient.

  • Efficient energy utilization – efficiency ratings (AFUE) of 96%
  • Clean combustion
  • May be connected to many different flue systems, even without availability of a chimney
  • Space-saving installation of the Logamax allows minimal space used with direct wall mounting
  • Low power consumption
  • Quiet operation

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Viessmann Vitodens
These wall-mounted condensing boilers feature a modulating stainless steel cylinder burner and Inox-Radial heat exchanger surface.

  • High performance at an attractive price.
  • Outstanding efficiency of 95.2% AFUE
  • Lasting performance with industry-leading Viessmann-made SA240 316 Ti stainless steel Inox-Radial heat exchanger.
  • Low-emission combustion with Viessmann-made stainless steel MatriX cylinder burner.
  • Versatile on-board boiler control interfaces with most external controls.
  • Quieter than most refrigerators.

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viessman propane boiler installation

Propane water heaters we install.

Wilcox has the best propane equipment around! We feature high-efficiency units from Rinnai. Our expert technicians will help you select your propane equipment and perform a perfect installation.

rinnai tankless water heater installation

Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters
We install Rinnai tankless water heaters in a variety of sizes and output. Here is a look at the model R75LSi:
Ideal for two- to three-bathroom homes, the R75LSi delivers up to 7.5 gallons of hot water per minute (GPM), while saving energy and money. Mount your compact R75LSi in virtually any room, and vent directly to the outside with a single wall or roof penetration.

  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified
  • Certified for installation in manufactured (mobile) homes
  • Commercial-grade heat exchanger
  • Available EZConnect® (connects two units together)
  • Compatible with full line of Rinnai digital controllers
  • 12-Year Warranty on heat exchanger; 5 year for parts; 1 year for labor for residential installations

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