Signs Your Furnace Is Too Big

HVAC serviceAs it relates to selecting a furnace, bigger is not necessarily better.

An oversized furnace will lead to a premature replacement, causing the homeowner to fork out more money on a new heating system a sooner than expected. Before it reaches that point, however, the homeowner will experience a number of issues. A heater that is too big will negatively impact the entire HVAC system. It will compromise the comfort of the occupants of the home. Indoor air quality will suffer. Also, they will face high energy bills and unnecessary HVAC repair costs.

Unfortunately, buying an oversized system is a costly mistake that is made far too often.

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Signs That Your Furnace Is Not Sized Correctly

A system that is excessively large for your home will cause the HVAC system to get damaged, resulting in a wide array of HVAC issues. As a result, it will be impossible to create a comfortable and healthy indoor environment. Luckily, certain signs can let you know whether or not the furnace is the correct size. These indicators include:

Challenges With Your HVAC Installation

If you purchase an oversized furnace, it is likely you will need to hire extra labor to move or adjust the fuel connections to house the furnace. Furthermore, if your furnace is incompatible with the existing ductwork, the ductwork may have to replaced or modified.

HVAC & Humidity Problems In Your Home

For indoor comfort, the levels of humidity in the home should be consistent throughout. Unfortunately, if the furnace is excessively big, it could cause the levels of humidity in your home to fluctuate constantly, resulting in humidity issues. More specifically, the chance of mold growth will be amplified, a less comfortable indoor environment will exist, and respiratory problems like asthma and nasal congestion could be triggered, because of allergens in the water vapor.

Furnace Issues: Short Cycling & Operation

natural gas furnaceArguably, this is the most common indication of an oversized heater. If the furnace is excessively large, your home will heat up quickly. However, since the rest of the HVAC system is not able to manage the volume of heat that the oversized furnace generates, the thermostat for the unit will prematurely shut off the heating system. It does this to stop overheating, resulting in short cycling. Sadly, short cycling will intensify the wear and tear on the furnace, leading to frequent breakdowns. This is an indication that the lifespan of the furnace will typically be shortened. At the same time, your heating costs will significantly increase by short cycling.

Temperature Imbalances Throughout Your Residence

If the furnace is excessively big, there will be temperature imbalances throughout the home. More specifically, areas nearest to the heater will be disproportionately warmer than the areas that are further away. At this point, it should be noted that temperature imbalances could also result as a furnace malfunction. If you notice temperature imbalances in your home, it is likely the furnace is oversized.

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Higher Than Normal Operational Costs & Energy Bills

As previously mentioned, short cycling is among the signs that the furnace is too big. Furthermore, short cycling results in a furnace consuming more fuel, leading to an increase in heating costs. This problem indicates that if you have an oversized furnace, you should hire a qualified HVAC technician. They can substitute it with a more appropriate alternative.

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Tremendously Noisy When Running

If the furnace is oversized, it is likely it will be noticeably loud as the current duct system will not be able to support it fully. While a noisy furnace could be an indication of other issues with the HVAC system, it is likely to be irritating.

Unattainable AFUE & BTU Efficiency Ratings

Typically, high-performance furnaces have elevated BTU capacities and AFUE ratings. However, this is not an automatic fact with oversized high-performance heaters. In other words, if the high-performance furnace is excessively large, its highest BTU capacity and AFUE ratings will never be attained, which is an indication that you will never fully relish its energy efficiency advantages.



Indications your furnace is excessively large include it being overly noisy, unrealistic efficiency ratings, and temperature imbalances throughout the home. Furthermore, you will notice higher operating costs, short cycling, installation challenges, and humidity issues.

To avoid these issues, work with an expert HVAC contractor to figure out the correct furnace size for your home. An experienced HVAC contractor can perform a load calculation, enabling you to select the right furnace size for your home.

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