Buderus Boiler Heating System Upgrade In Old Saybrook, CT

old saybrook ct buderus boiler installation

Since Old Saybrook, Connecticut is well-known for its extreme weather conditions, residents must endure the cold winter with the help of a reliable heating system. Otherwise, homeowners may find that they are paying far more on their heating costs than they should have to. Furthermore, without a dependable home heating system, homeowners will have to…

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Buderus Oil Boiler Heating System Installation In Old Lyme, Connecticut

buderus oil boiler installation old lyme ct

Our customer called Wilcox Energy because they noticed that their home heating costs were quickly escalating. They lived in a historic 4800 square’ home, which required ample heat to feel comfortable. They wanted to find out what solutions were available to improve their comfort and reduce their energy costs. We dispatched Mackinley Foster, one of…

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Trane Propane Furnace Conversion in Madison, Connecticut


A family from Madison CT felt uncomfortable due to their underperforming window air conditioning units and electric baseboard heating system that was costing an astronomical amount of money to heat their home. They were interested in finding a better solution to heat or cool their home. They called Wilcox Energy to alleviate their problem. We…

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Buderus Oil-Fired, Water Boiler Upgrade in Madison, Connecticut

image of an Oil-Fired Boiler Upgrade Madison CT

  The Gumbrecht family called Wilcox Energy to perform an annual boiler tune-up in their Madison CT home. They had an aging oil-fired Burnham boiler that was located in the crawl space. During our tune-up, Mackinley Foster, one of Wilcox Energy’s expert boiler technicians, noted that the boiler was nearing the end of its lifespan.…

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Mitsubishi Ductless Installation In Madison CT

ductless ac installation project in Madison CT

The homeowner in this project noticed that their home was not as comfortable as it should have been. They were paying a small fortune by using their window AC units. One room would feel hot, and another room would feel cold. They called Wilcox Energy and scheduled a free, in-home consultation. One of our experienced…

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Propane Tank Installation For A Chester CT Home

propane storage tank installation service

The customer in this case study had a small propane tank that they used to fuel their cooktop and fireplace. Recently, our clients had a whole house generator installed in their home. With the addition of this generator, they required a larger propane tank than the one that they had initially. They called Wilcox Energy…

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Trane AC Installation In Lyme Connecticut

cooling system installation lyme ct

The Lyme Firehouse used window air conditioners to keep cool during the hot summer weather. However, the Firehouse noticed that these systems did not provide the level of comfort that they wanted. Also, window air conditioners are noisy and come with high energy costs. After enduring an inadequate level of comfort and astronomical energy bills,…

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Propane Tank Installation In Lyme Connecticut

propane tank installation service in lyme ct

Propane has many uses. It can heat your home and you cook with it. Also, it can be used as a heating source for your pool. The customers in this particular case study recently installed a new pool in their home. Because these homeowners wanted to extend the season for using their pool, they needed…

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Buderus Oil Boiler Heating System Installation In Madison, Connecticut

buderus logo

Our customer wanted to put their Madison home on the market. However, they had a 20-year-old Burnham oil boiler in place. The boiler came with the house originally. Due to age, their heating system did not perform well and was extremely inefficient. It could not provide the comfort that a buyer would need to get…

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