Why Use A Ductless Air Conditioner For An Oil-Heated Home Without Ducts?

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Oil-heated homes commonly use hydronic heating systems, which lack HVAC ductwork. So during the summer, homeowners often resort to window air conditioning units for cooling instead of central air systems. While this may have been a practical solution in the past, the emergence of ductless air conditioners has revolutionized the situation. A superior alternative now exists, prompting those seeking a replacement to consider transitioning from a window AC unit to ductless air conditioners.

In this article, we highlight the drawbacks of window air conditioning units and explore the compelling reasons why ductless systems are a significantly better choice for air conditioning for old houses.

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Why Window AC Systems are Poor Cooling Solutions

1. Window Air Conditioning Systems Are Bulky

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Central air systems consist of separate indoor and outdoor units collaborating to provide adequate cooling. In contrast, window air conditioners integrate both components into a single unit, resulting in a bulky appearance. Despite years of development, engineers have been unable to substantially reduce their size since their inception. Consequently, window air conditioners often protrude significantly from the exterior of the house, detracting from its aesthetics. This diminishes its visual appeal and can lower the property’s value by diminishing its curb appeal.

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2. Window AC Systems Are Expensive

When selecting a new air conditioner, remember that these appliances consume significant energy. Simply looking at the upfront price of each model won’t give you the complete picture. Consider the long-term operating costs as well. In the case of window air conditioners, their inefficiency becomes a concern. Despite their size, they consume more energy than other cooling solutions, resulting in higher operational expenses.

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3. Window Cooling Systems Are Loud

All the components are housed in a single unit with window air conditioners, which means you can hear every noise they make during each cycle. This can be pretty bothersome, especially if installed in your bedroom. The loud clicks and bangs can disrupt your sleep and make resting difficult. The noise tends to worsen over time. If you find the constant noise unbearable, explore alternative cooling solutions that offer a quieter and more comfortable environment.

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4. Window AC Systems Don’t Cool Well

image of a homeowner feeling hot due poor cooling from window ac unit

Regardless of their size, window air conditioners have limited cooling capacity. Even if you were to purchase the largest unit available, it would still struggle to cool a large room effectively. Window ACs are typically suitable for small to medium-sized spaces, but anything larger would require multiple units to cool the area adequately. Remember the limitations of window air conditioners when considering your cooling needs for larger rooms or spaces.

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5. Window Air Conditioners Negatively Affect Indoor Air Quality

Window air conditioners are prone to developing gaps along the perimeter, which can result in unfiltered outdoor air seeping into your indoor spaces. This outdoor air may contain pollutants that can trigger allergies and respiratory issues. In addition, poorly designed window ACs may not effectively filter the air, allowing allergens to pass through even when the air passes through the unit. 

These units can also create a conducive environment for mold and bacteria growth, further compromising indoor air quality. Be aware of these potential drawbacks when considering the impact on air quality when using a window air conditioner.

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Advantages Of Using Ductless Air Conditioners

Having explored the drawbacks of window air conditioning units, let’s now focus on one of the top alternatives and why it deserves your consideration.

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1. Ductless Cooling Systems Are Energy Efficient

When comparing the energy efficiency ratings of window cooling units and ductless air conditioners, it becomes evident that the latter is significantly more effective in converting electricity into cooling capacity. While the initial cost of a ductless air conditioner may be higher, the subsequent monthly energy bills are considerably lower. This translates to substantial long-term savings for the household.

2. Ductless HVAC Units Are Space Savers

Ductless systems are designed with separate indoor air handlers and outdoor units. The indoor unit features a slim and narrow profile, allowing for easy placement anywhere in a room. Unlike window units, ductless systems do not occupy a window space or obstruct natural light. With the flexibility to be mounted high on a wall, the indoor unit seamlessly integrates into the existing interior arrangement without causing disruption.

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3. Ductless Cooling Units Are Quiet

Most noise-producing components are housed in the outdoor unit of a ductless system. With the outdoor unit positioned outside and insulated by the exterior wall, the noise generated remains largely isolated and not easily audible indoors. The indoor air handler emits only a low hum, which is barely noticeable. As a result, you can enjoy peaceful nights of sleep and work without any distracting noises throughout the day.

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4. Enable HVAC Zoning

Ductless systems offer the advantage of zoning, allowing you to divide your house into different zones with individual temperature settings. This provides enhanced comfort for each family member, as they no longer have to endure a single fixed temperature throughout the entire house. Occupants of each room can adjust their own thermostat settings according to their preferences, ensuring personalized comfort. Unoccupied zones can turn off their air conditioning, allowing for energy savings and increased efficiency.

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5. Healthy Indoor Air Quality

Ductless systems eliminate the presence of dirty ducts that can compromise indoor air quality. They incorporate advanced multi-layer filtration systems that capture and prevent the circulation of pollutants and allergens. This meticulous filtration process ensures a healthier and cleaner indoor environment for you and your family.

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Why Ductless Air Conditioners Are More Affordable For Homes Without Ductwork

In many homes with hydronic heating systems, the absence of HVAC ductwork poses a challenge when considering installing a forced-air cooling system. Introducing ductwork throughout the house would involve intricate and extensive modifications, such as tearing down walls and ceilings. This arduous and costly process can be quite burdensome. However, opting for ductless air conditioners offers a more convenient alternative. Installing ductless systems requires minimal changes to the home, with only a few connections between the indoor and outdoor units. This results in a fast, affordable, and non-disruptive installation process.

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With the availability of superior alternatives, the window air conditioner has become an outdated technology plagued with numerous drawbacks. To enhance energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and cooling comfort, homeowners are encouraged to upgrade their cooling systems. Ductless air conditioners provide a comprehensive solution that meets these requirements while ensuring an affordable installation process. To make an informed decision and select a suitable ductless AC, seek the assistance of an HVAC professional.

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