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Expert Air Conditioning Installation Services By Wilcox Energy

Wilcox Energy stands as the top choice for air conditioner installations in Southern CT. With a solid reputation for excellence and a focus on customer satisfaction, we're the go-to experts in the region.

Licensed Air Conditioner Technicians With Experience

Our experienced technicians bring unmatched expertise to every installation project, ensuring precise and efficient setup tailored to your home's needs.

Quality & Reliability

What sets us apart is our commitment to quality and reliability. We understand the unique climate of Southern CT, allowing us to recommend and install the most suitable air conditioning systems for maximum comfort and efficiency. From start to finish, we prioritize professionalism and attention to detail, guaranteeing a seamless experience for our customers.

Peace Of Mind

When you choose Wilcox Energy for your air conditioner installation needs, you're choosing peace of mind. Trust us to deliver top-notch service and expertise, keeping your home cool and comfortable for years to come.

AC Installation Services

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Heat Pump Cooling Solutions

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Heat pumps are a versatile and energy-efficient choice for central air conditioning, adept at providing comfortable cooling during hot months. They transfer heat from inside to outside, offering an energy-efficient cooling method. This efficiency not only reduces energy consumption but also lowers utility bills.

Modern heat pumps, especially those from Trane, incorporate advanced technology to deliver consistent, reliable cooling. With the added benefit of heating capabilities for colder seasons, heat pumps represent a comprehensive climate control solution for year-round comfort.

Signs You're Due For A Cooling System Replacement

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Is your current air conditioning system struggling to keep up with the demands of summer? It may be time to consider a new AC installation. Here are some signs that indicate you need to upgrade your cooling system:

  • Age of Your Current Air Conditioning System: If your air conditioner is over 10-15 years old, it may be nearing the end of its lifespan. Older systems are less efficient and more prone to breakdowns, making them a good candidate for replacement.
  • Frequent Air Conditioner Repairs: Are you constantly calling for AC repairs? Frequent breakdowns and repairs can be a sign that your system is on its last legs. Investing in a new AC installation can save you money in the long run by eliminating the need for costly repairs.
  • Rising Energy Bills: Have you noticed a steady increase in your energy bills despite using your AC the same amount? Older, inefficient systems consume more energy to cool your home, leading to higher utility costs. Upgrading to a newer, more energy-efficient model can help lower your monthly bills.
  • Uneven Cooling: Do you have hot spots or inconsistent temperatures throughout your home? An older or improperly sized air conditioner may struggle to evenly distribute cool air, leading to discomfort in certain areas of your home.
  • Excessive Humidity: Does your home feel muggy or humid, even when the AC is running? Older systems may not effectively remove moisture from the air, leading to indoor humidity issues. Upgrading to a newer model with enhanced dehumidification capabilities can improve indoor comfort.

If you're experiencing any of these signs, it's time to consider an AC installation. Contact Wilcox Energy today to schedule a consultation and explore your options for a new, energy-efficient air conditioning system.


Flexible Financing Solutions

At Wilcox Energy, we believe that every home deserves reliable and efficient cooling. That's why we offer flexible financing options for our cooling installation services. Whether you're upgrading to a new air conditioning system or installing a ductless mini-split, our financing solutions make it easier to stay cool and comfortable without breaking the bank.

With competitive rates and convenient repayment terms, you can enjoy the benefits of a new cooling system while staying within your budget. Contact us today to learn more about our financing options and start enjoying a cooler, more comfortable home.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Comprehensive Cooling Services

Wilcox Energy offers a full range of cooling services, including installation, maintenance, repairs, and replacements, ensuring your system operates at its best throughout the year.

  • Experienced Licensed Technicians

Our team of experienced technicians is equipped with the knowledge and skills to handle all your cooling needs, providing reliable and efficient service every time.


  • Personalized Service Options

Wilcox Energy provides flexible service options to accommodate your cooling system needs, whether it's installations, repairs, replacements, or general maintenance.


  • Clear Air Conditioner Service Pricing

Rest assured, Wilcox Energy's clear pricing for cooling services ensures you understand the costs upfront without any surprises, whether it's for installations, maintenance, or repairs.

  • Energy Efficiency Focus

At Wilcox Energy, we emphasize energy efficiency in all our cooling services, providing solutions that reduce energy consumption, lower utility costs, and promote environmental sustainability for a greener future.


  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Wilcox Energy is committed to customer satisfaction, offering exceptional service, transparent pricing, and responsive support to ensure your complete satisfaction with our cooling services.


Air Conditioner Installation FAQs

Wilcox Energy specializes in installing a variety of cooling systems, including central air conditioning, ductless mini-split systems, heat pumps, and smart thermostats.