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Wilcox Energy, your premier heating service provider in Connecticut, ensures your home remains warm and efficient year-round. Specializing in maintenance, repairs, and new installations, we serve the southern shores of Connecticut with a comprehensive suite of services.

Our specialties encompass everything from annual heater tune-ups and emergency heater repairs to HVAC system upgrades and innovative heating system installations. We cover all of our customer's heating needs with expertise and dedication. Whether your system is powered by oil, propane, natural gas, or electricity, you can count on us to provide you with an experience that goes beyond your expectations.

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Discover the Benefits of Choosing Wilcox Energy for Your Heating Needs:

Wilcox Energy is dedicated to providing heating services that epitomize comfort and convenience, meticulously crafted to meet your every need. Our state-licensed technicians have fully stocked service vans for prompt and effective assistance. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our comprehensive array of features:

  • Highly Skilled HVAC Technicians: Our team is composed of highly trained and licensed technicians, boasting vast experience across the heating sector, ensuring unparalleled expertise in every service we deliver.
  • 24/7 HVAC Emergency Support: Recognizing the unpredictability of heating issues, Wilcox Energy offers emergency support, guaranteeing swift and efficient resolution to any urgent concerns, day or night.
  • Affordable, Honest Pricing: We're committed to transparent and fair pricing, ensuring you get high-quality heating services without any surprises. Our straightforward pricing model is designed to offer affordability without compromising on the quality or efficiency of our services.
  • Diverse Service Plans: We provide a selection of service plans, each designed to offer varying levels of coverage to perfectly align with your specific needs, ensuring your heating system is always running at its best.
  • Extensive Service Coverage: Our services span across a broad range of Connecticut communities, affirming that residents within our reach benefit from dependable and high-efficiency heating solutions.
  • Focus on Energy Efficiency: Energy conservation is a key priority, guiding our efforts to offer solutions that not only enhance your comfort but also reduce heating costs, making your home more environmentally friendly.
  • Tailored Heating Installations: Understanding that each home has unique heating requirements, our specialists collaborate closely with you to ascertain your needs, ensuring the provision of the most suitable heating system installation or upgrade tailored to your residence.

At Wilcox Energy, professionalism and quality service form the cornerstone of our approach, reflecting our deep commitment to ensuring your heating needs are met with the utmost efficiency and care.

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Heating Equipment Brands We Install:

At Wilcox, we collaborate with the following esteemed partners to guarantee supreme comfort for your heating requirements. These are the trusted brands we depend on, offering the highest-quality equipment available.

  • Mitsubishi: Renowned for its energy efficiency and quiet operation, Mitsubishi offers advanced air filtration systems and durable units. These features ensure a comfortable, healthy living environment with reliable performance.
  • Buderus Boilers: Known for its exceptional durability and high efficiency, Buderus boilers integrate easily with existing systems, providing consistent, cost-effective heating and reducing energy costs.
  • Thermo Pride: Thermo Pride is celebrated for its long-lasting performance and high-quality craftsmanship. Their energy-efficient models, combined with exceptional warranty protection, offer significant savings on heating costs.
  • Viessmann Boilers: Viessmann leads with top-tier efficiency and innovative technology, offering a wide range of environmentally friendly models. These boilers are designed for consistent comfort and adaptability to any home size.
  • Trane: Trane's reliable and durable systems are at the forefront of the industry, featuring advanced technology for maximum comfort. Their extensive range of heating solutions showcases industry-leading energy efficiency.
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  • Bosch: Bosch stands out for its smart energy-saving features and quiet operation, providing flexible solutions tailored to various home heating needs. High-quality engineering and design ensure efficient, reliable performance.
  • Rinnai: A leader in tankless water heating technology, Rinnai offers compact, space-saving designs with instant and endless hot water supply. Their systems lead to significant energy savings, thanks to high efficiency.

At Wilcox, our commitment to your home's comfort and efficiency is matched only by our dedication to quality. That's why we meticulously select and recommend only the best brands in the heating industry. Each brand that we work with is chosen for its unparalleled reliability, advanced technology, and superior performance.

We understand that every home's heating needs are unique, and by partnering with these trusted names, we ensure that you have access to the finest solutions on the market. Trust Wilcox Energy to bring you heating systems that not only meet but exceed your expectations, guaranteeing a warm, comfortable, and efficient home.

Why Choose Us?

  • Comprehensive Heating System Solutions

Wilcox Energy provides a full range of services for your heating system, ensuring its optimal performance and longevity.

  • Expert Maintenance & Repairs

Our skilled technicians address any issues promptly to keep your heating system running smoothly.

  • Personalized Customer Support

We prioritize personalized customer support, tailoring our services to meet your specific heating needs.

  • Transparent Pricing

Enjoy transparent pricing and competitive rates for our heating system services, providing you with value and peace of mind.

  • Convenient Scheduling

We make it easy for you to book appointments at a time that suits you, ensuring minimal disruption to your routine.

  • Commitment to Quality

We ensure the reliability and efficiency of your heating system and only use top-of-the-line equipment and materials.

Heating Systems FAQs

Heating systems come in various types, including forced air (furnaces), radiant heating, steam radiant systems, and hydronic (hot water) systems. Each type has its advantages and is suitable for different home setups and preferences.