Propane Fireplace Log Sets

Add A Warm Glow to Your Home

Updating the look of your existing fireplace with a propane fireplace log set offers a blend of aesthetic appeal and convenience. Propane log sets deliver the warmth and ambiance of a traditional wood-burning fireplace without the mess, maintenance, or environmental concerns associated with wood fuel.

With realistic designs and easy operation, you can enjoy a cozy fire at the flip of a switch, enhancing the comfort and charm of your living space. Whether you're renovating for style or seeking a cleaner, more efficient heating solution, a propane log set transforms your fireplace into an inviting, hassle-free focal point in your home.

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Wilcox Energy Is Proud To Bring You White Mountain Hearth Log Sets

Choosing Wilcox Energy for the installation of a propane log set from White Mountain Hearth can transform your fireplace into a centerpiece of warmth and beauty. White Mountain Hearth is known for their high-quality log sets and burners that mimic the natural look and feel of a wood fire, without the hassle.

With Wilcox Energy, you can ensure that your new propane fireplace log set is integrated seamlessly into your existing fireplace, providing a safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly heating solution. This update not only enhances the ambiance of your living space but also increases the value of your home with a clean, convenient, and modern fireplace option.

Trust Wilcox Energy to bring the expertise and precision needed to elevate your home comfort with the elegance and reliability of White Mountain Hearth propane log sets.

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Discover the Advantages of Propane Fireplace Log Sets

Propane fireplace log sets offer numerous benefits, making them a popular choice for homeowners seeking warmth, convenience, and ambiance. Here are some key advantages of opting for propane log sets for your fireplace:

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  • Realistic Flames: Each log is hand-painted to bring out the rich detail. These propane log sets are designed to mimic the appearance of real wood-burning fires, providing a lifelike flame effect that adds warmth and ambiance to any room.
  • Clean Burning: Unlike traditional wood-burning fires, propane log sets produce minimal smoke, ash, and particulate matter. This means there will be fewer messes to clean up and a healthier indoor environment for you and your family.
  • Convenient Operation: With propane log sets, there's no need to worry about collecting firewood or tending to the fire. Simply flip a switch or press a button to ignite the flames and enjoy instant warmth at the touch of a button.
  • Adjustable Heat Output: Propane log sets offer customizable heat settings, allowing you to adjust the flame height and intensity to suit your comfort preferences. Whether you need a gentle glow for ambiance or powerful heat for warmth, propane log sets provide versatile heating options.
  • Energy Efficiency: Propane is an efficient fuel source, providing consistent and reliable heat without wasting energy. Propane log sets offer efficient heat output, helping to lower your energy bills while keeping your home cozy and comfortable.
  • Safety Features: Many propane log sets come equipped with built-in safety features such as automatic shut-off valves and flame sensors, providing added peace of mind and protection against accidents.
  • Versatile Installation: Propane log sets can be installed in a variety of indoor and outdoor fireplace configurations, making them a versatile option for any space. Whether you have a traditional masonry fireplace or a modern ventless unit, there's a propane log set to suit your needs.

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With years of experience in propane fireplace installations, Wilcox Energy brings unmatched expertise to every propane fireplace project.

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Our skilled technicians uphold the highest standards of craftsmanship, delivering impeccable installations that stand the test of time.

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We work closely with each client to understand their needs and preferences, ensuring customized solutions that exceed expectations.

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We prioritize safety in every installation, adhering to industry regulations and best practices to ensure the safe operation of propane fireplaces.

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From initial planning to final implementation, we handle every aspect of the installation process, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients.


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At Wilcox Energy, customer satisfaction is paramount. We ensure client satisfaction, providing continuous support and assistance.

Propane Fireplace Log Sets FAQs

Yes, propane fireplace log sets are safe for indoor use when installed and operated according to manufacturer guidelines. It's essential to follow proper ventilation requirements and ensure the unit is installed by a qualified professional to prevent any safety hazards.