Avoid Home Heating Problems In Your House This Winter

image of the word mistake depicting home heating mistakes made in winter

Home heating makes up a significant portion of your monthly energy costs. As a result, many homeowners always search for the most effective methods to lower their energy bills. The bad news is that many mistakes are often made in the process, leading to various home heating problems. This article shares those common mistakes.

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Unintended Consequences of Electrification, What You Need to Know

image of the word truth depicting the truth of electrification

Many politicians believe that converting to electricity from fossil fuels is the way to go to reduce our carbon footprint. However, is this really the case? This article discusses the truth regarding electrification, its associated costs, and a better and more affordable alternative solution, such as the use of biofuels.

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What Does AFUE Rating Really Mean?

image of energy efficiency and home heating hvac system

Almost 50% of your overall energy costs can be attributed to your home’s cooling and heating system. With regards to your heating system, familiarize yourself with AFUE. This has a direct impact on your energy consumption and costs, especially if you’re due for an HVAC replacement. Read on to learn more about AFUE rating.

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What Does An Air Conditioner’s SEER Rating Actually Mean?

image of efficiency rating sign depicting air conditioner seer rating

One of the most essential elements to consider during air conditioner replacement is the SEER rating. This rating determines how efficient an HVAC system is and its ability to provide indoor comfort. The US EIA states that the SEER rating should be 14 or higher. Explore more on SEER rating in this article.

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Why Is Smoke Coming Out Of The Vents When AC Is On?

image of an hvac air vent

The cooling unit of your house is an integral component of your family’s comfort. However, what steps should you take if you notice that your AC unit is performing unusually? This article discusses a prospective air conditioner issue – when you notice there is smoke coming out of the air conditioning vents in your home.

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How Does My Air Conditioner Cool My Home?

image of an air conditioner compressor depicting ac unit operation

If our ancestors could see a modern air conditioner, then they might think that it was a magical box that could change the environment. Of course, we all know that it is simply a product of scientific innovation. In this article, we answer the question, “How does an air conditioner work?”.

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How Bioheat® Heating Oil Accelerates Decarbonization Of U.S. Energy

image of a carbon emissions scale depicting decarbonization

One important shift in the Paris Agreement’s 2050 goal for netzero emissions is the decarbonization of US energy. What does this mean? How can it be achieved? Is there a simple solution? This article discusses the answers to these questions, some viable solutions, and more. Click the link to explore this topic.

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How Many Zones Can A Mini-Split Have?

mitsubishi heating and cooling system

Central air conditioners use high amounts of energy when controlling the temperatures in unused rooms or areas of the home that do not need much cooling or heating. Therefore, consider using a ductless mini-split heat pump instead. This significantly improves your home’s efficiency via zoning. This article discusses the advantages of ductless HVAC zoning.

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Propane Use In The Summer: What’s Normal?

image of an outdoor kitchen with a propane grill

Homes use different fuels to power their heating systems. Propane is one of the most popular options because of its high efficiency, safety record, and affordable cost. However, homeowners don’t just consume propane during winter. This article discusses why you should stock up on propane during summer and the benefits of automatic propane fuel delivery.

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