Top HVAC Installation Mistakes to Avoid

image of an hvac contractor performing an air conditioner installation

Investing in a new HVAC system can significantly enhance your life by elevating comfort levels, lowering energy expenses, and more. However, a faulty HVAC installation can lead to disastrous consequences. Hiring skilled HVAC contractors is crucial to ensure a favorable outcome. This article discusses some of the most common HVAC installation errors that occur.

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Air Conditioner Makes Loud Noise When Starting

image of homeowner covering ears due to air conditioner noises

Even new air conditioners emit a faint noise. However, it is not normal for an air conditioner to produce a loud noise during operation. If you do hear an unusual sound, address it immediately since this is usually the symptom of a more significant issue. This article discusses air conditioner noises and provides potential solutions.

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Major Consequences Of Not Replacing Your Home Air Filter

removing dirty HVAC filter for home central air conditioning system

It’s important to take care of your HVAC unit so you can enjoy many years of service from the system. For instance, don’t forget to change the air filters on regular basis. This component may seem insignificant, but it plays a big role in your system’s performance and your home energy costs.

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How Do Ductless Air Conditioners Work?

image of a ductless air conditioner

Ductless cooling systems are popular due to their efficiency and convenience. They operate without ducts, delivering cold air into a specific space. They’re a great option for homeowners who don’t need to cool their entire house or don’t have the space for ductwork. This article answers the question, “How do ductless air conditioners work?”.

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Why More Homeowners Are Choosing Propane For Their Energy Needs

image of the words top choice depicting propane energy as a preferred fuel

Propane is an increasingly popular fuel for homeowners looking for an energy source. Propane is used for home heating, cooking, hot water, and even to power generators. With propane energy’s many benefits, it’s easy to see why so many homeowners are choosing this fuel for their energy needs.

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Advantages Vs. Disadvantages Of Washable HVAC Filters

image of a washable hvac air filter for an hvac system

HVAC filters can assist your home with good indoor air quality if you use the correct ones properly. Two options are available: reusable filters and disposable filters. The former can be washed and reused several times, while the latter must be replaced. This article discusses the pros and cons of a washable HVAC filter.

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Oil Tank Condensation: What You Need To Know

image of water depicting heating oil tank with water

Oil heating systems use fuel oil tanks to store and secure fuel. This is a well-working setup, but it requires proper maintenance and care. For example, water can sometimes make its way inside your heating oil tank, causing issues like oil tank condensation. The good news is you can prevent this from happening.

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How To Tell If Home Propane Tank Is Empty

image of the words how to depicting how to tell if a propane tank is empty

Fortunately, most homes have a heating system to stay warm during winter. Those that use propane as a heating fuel must keep an eye on the propane tank to make sure it doesn’t run out before they schedule their next delivery. This article discusses how to tell if a home propane tank is empty.

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