Can Closing HVAC Vents In Unused Rooms Save Money?

best ways to make your hvac system energy-efficient

Closing HVAC vents might seem like a good idea. Many homeowners think that it is an excellent way to avoid paying to heat or cool unused rooms. However, this idea is far from the truth. This article highlights what happens when you close the HVAC vents to unused rooms.

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Benefits Of Using BioFuel

BioHeat biofuel

Connecticut has passed many laws to encourage the use of biofuel. Below are some of the benefits that come from using biofuel and why you should consider this option for your home.

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Repair Or Replace Your AC: What To Consider

air conditioning repair service in a residential home

It is a real challenge to figure out whether your air conditioning unit should be replaced or repaired. In this article, you will find a few tips that you should consider before deciding it’s time to replace your AC system.

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Trane AC Installation In Lyme Connecticut

cooling system installation in lyme ct

The Lyme Firehouse felt uncomfortable due to the poor performance of their window air conditioning units. Also, they wanted to reduce the high energy costs that come with these types of cooling systems. Read this case study to see how Wilcox Energy helped this customer out.

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Propane Tank Installation For A Chester CT Home

propane storage tank installation in a chester ct home

The customer in this case study had a small propane tank that they used to fuel their cooktop and fireplace. Recently, our clients had a whole house generator installed in their home. With the addition of this generator, they required a larger propane tank than the one that they had initially.

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Best Ways To Troubleshoot Your Thermostat Problems

home in Old Saybrook CT with thermostat issues

We receive many phone calls from frustrated homeowners at this time of year. Most of these customers are under the impression that their thermostats are malfunctioning. In this article are some ways you can troubleshoot your thermostat before jumping to the conclusion that it is not functioning correctly.

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Mitsubishi Ductless Installation In Madison CT

Madison Mitsubishi Ductless Installation

The homeowner in this project noticed that their home was not as comfortable as it should have been. They were paying a small fortune by using their window AC units. One room would feel hot, and another room would feel cold. They called Wilcox Energy and scheduled a free, in-home consultation.

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