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How Does Wilcox Energy's Bulk Storage Benefit You?

At Wilcox Energy, we prioritize efficiency and reliability in our fuel storage and delivery operations. With our strategically designed bulk storage facilities, we ensure ample supply and timely delivery to meet our customers' needs.

By optimizing our logistics and utilizing advanced storage technology, we guarantee uninterrupted service, allowing our customers to rely on us for their fuel requirements with confidence.

We’ve blended Biodiesel into our low-sulfur heating oil to create Bioheat® fuel, which is a cleaner, greener, and more efficient choice. This blend, which is up to 20% biodiesel and 80% heating oil, is unavailable in New Haven or New London!

Bulk Fuel Storage in CT

Wilcox Energy has a private bulk oil storage facility near Exit 65 on I-95. This storage tank holds 490,000 gallons of fuel.

As a Wilcox customer, you benefit directly from our storage capacity:

  • Our storage facility is near our office and within 25 miles of all our customers, so we can always deliver promptly and economically.
  • At Wilcox Energy, we go the extra mile to ensure the quality and efficiency of our fuel. That's why we incorporate a specialized fuel quality additive into our oil, effectively reducing sediment buildup and enhancing fuel efficiency for our customers.
  • Our advanced storage facility enables us to custom blend our fuel, ensuring we deliver the cleanest burning blend of Bioheat® heating oil on the market.

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Get fast & friendly fuel delivery with Wilcox Energy.

Contact us today for reliable heating oil delivery, ensuring your home feels warm and comfortable all season long!.

Bioheat® Heating Oil

Explore sustainable fuel storage with Wilcox Energy's dedicated Bioheat® Heating Oil Storage Facility. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure ensures the safe and efficient storage of Bioheat® heating oil, a revolutionary blend of traditional heating oil and renewable biodiesel. Trust us for top-tier storage solutions that align with your commitment to a greener and cleaner energy future.

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Wilcox Fuel Delivery

Fuel Oil Pricing & Payment Plans

Everybody's financial picture looks different. That is why we created a variety of pricing and payment plans for our oil heat customers. We offer a variety of options, from capped payment plans to pay-as-you-go.

Oil Tank Replacements and Upgrades

Wilcox Energy offers trusted oil tank replacements and upgrades. Our expert technicians conduct a thorough assessment, providing personalized recommendations for modern, high-quality tanks. Choose peace of mind by upgrading to state-of-the-art solutions that enhance efficiency, comply with environmental standards, and ensure your home stays warm and comfortable.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Reliable Oil Deliveries

With decades of industry experience, Wilcox Energy is renowned for reliable heating oil services. Our seasoned team ensures prompt delivery, even in the coldest winters.

  • Convenient Oil Delivery Options

We offer flexible delivery options tailored to your schedule and preferences. Whether you prefer automatic deliveries or on-demand scheduling, we ensure you never run out of heating oil.

  • Exceptional Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is paramount. Our team provides personalized service, addressing your heating oil needs with professionalism and care, striving to exceed expectations.

  • Competitive Heating Oil Prices

We prioritize affordability in heating oil services, offering competitive costs and transparent pricing. With Wilcox Energy, you enjoy reliable delivery without breaking the bank.

  • Environmental Responsibility

We prioritize environmental stewardship by offering Bioheat® heating oil. Our clean-burning fuels and sustainable practices keep your home warm while minimizing environmental impact.




  • Over Years of Experience

With decades of experience in the oil industry, Wilcox Energy brings unmatched expertise to every service. Our seasoned team delivers reliable solutions tailored to your heating needs.

Wilcox Oil Tanks

Wilcox Energy's Bulk Storage Facility: Secure, Efficient, and Future-Ready Fuel Solutions

Wilcox Energy's state-of-the-art bulk storage facility is a testament to our commitment to excellence in meeting diverse fuel storage needs. Equipped to handle various fuels, including oil and propane, our innovative infrastructure ensures reliability and efficiency.

With a steadfast focus on security and compliance, our dedicated team conducts regular maintenance, adhering to industry best practices to safeguard your fuel supply. This meticulous approach guarantees you'll always receive high-quality fuel for your commercial or residential heating needs.

Whether you're a high-volume business or a residential complex, our bulk storage facility is tailored to provide you with a reliable and continuous fuel supply. Trust Wilcox Energy to deliver top-notch service and ensure your fuel needs are met with precision and care.

Bulk Storage Facility FAQs

Yes, it does. By maintaining our bulk storage, we can purchase fuel in larger quantities at lower prices, especially when market prices are favorable. These savings are then passed on to our customers, ensuring competitive pricing and more affordable heating solutions year-round.