Wilcox Energy Air Conditioning Tune Up Services

Air Conditioning Tune-Ups & Service

Keeping your AC system running efficiently & optimally.

Regularly scheduled servicing and tune-ups of your air conditioning equipment will keep it running at optimal performance and energy efficiency. Additionally, annual preventative maintenance servicing will prolong the lifespan of your HVAC system.

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Stay cool and have peace of mind with the confidence of knowing that your air conditioning system will perform well throughout the entire summer with a Wilcox Energy air conditioning tune-up service!

Air Conditioning Efficiency

We all like to stay cool during the summer however we do not want a high electric bill due to an inefficient air conditioning system. Having an annual tuneup service for your home AC system will help to ensure that your cooling equipment runs efficiently. This will help to reduce your monthly energy utility bills.

Indoor Comfort

Another benefit of having a regularly scheduled tune-up service for your central air conditioning system is a continued indoor comfort level. Our service technicians will see to it that your air conditioning system continues to keep you and your family comfortable, even while the outdoor temperatures soar into the 90s!

Preventative Maintenance For AC Systems

When our service technicians are working on your air conditioning system, they are looking for parts and components that show signs of excessive wear and tear. We can identify components that are in jeopardy of breaking in the near future. In these situations, our HVAC technicians will point out the potential problem and provide you an estimate to have those troublesome areas repaired before they become an air conditioning breakdown. This proactive step will help to prevent emergency air conditioning calls.

Here is a checklist of what we do when we perform our regular air conditioning maintenance service:

  • Inspect and Clean Outside Condensing Coil as needed
  • Inspect and Clean Inside Evaporator Coil as needed
  • Inspect controls and safety switches
  • Inspect and adjust belts and pulleys where applicable
  • Inspect condensate drain
  • Check condensate pan
  • Check condensate pump
  • Inspect unit disconnect
  • Inspect unit wiring & repair any loose connections
  • Inspect relays and contactors
  • Remove debris in and around condenser
  • Check air temperature drop across cooling coil
  • Check refrigerant level (extra charge for adding refrigerant if needed)
  • Check operation of thermostat
  • Air filters (1” only) are checked and replaced if needed