Clean Energy Fuels: How Renewable Biofuels Can Help Solve The Climate Crisis

image of clean energy concept including clean energy fuelsThe United Nations believes that the climate crisis is a winnable race. If not, all the measures we are taking to end this global threat would only serve as a band-aid that only prolongs the agony.
The climate emergency is real. Climate change has devastating effects on everyone and everything worldwide. Natural disasters, environmental degradation, and weather extremes are happening because of rising temperatures. These issues can result in food and water insecurity, disrupted economies, terrorism, and other conflicts if left unchecked.

Sea levels are rising, the Arctic is melting, coral reefs are disappearing, and the ocean is turning acidic. Steps to change this outcome need to be taken before it is too late for us.
Learning the harsh truths we are facing today about the climate crisis is necessary. In this article, we’ll discuss clean energy fuels, such as biofuels, and explore what they are and how they can minimize carbon emissions. We’ll cover how you can use biofuels to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions right away.

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What Is the Climate Crisis?

image of a dry lake bed depicting global warming and climate crisis

Unfortunately, the climate crisis is happening faster than we thought possible. It may look like we are powerless in the face of this global threat, but we will not be on the losing side of this fight forever. Countries and corporations around the globe are working hard to find solutions to stop this climate disaster.

Also called global warming, climate change ultimately stems from human activities that generate a lot of greenhouse gas emissions. We are producing record-level greenhouse gasses, which will not slow unless we intentionally intervene and make profound changes.

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CO2 Emissions Side Effects

Too high CO2 emissions have unfortunate side effects that result in too many devastating changes that ravage the environment. The rising temperatures are the biggest change there is. It leads to many adverse effects and distressing scenarios, such as rising sea levels, natural disasters, forest fires, acidifying oceans, melting Arctic regions, degrading environment, and extreme weather patterns.

The Destructive Potential of Climate Change

The catastrophic situations cause even more significant issues that would devastate humanity and life as we know it. We will start to notice the fallout of these negative effects if we do not make any changes. Some of these adverse effects include:

  • Food shortages
  • Water shortages
  • World economy disruptions
  • Neighbors fighting neighbors to survive
  • Wars to secure resources
  • Terrorist activities to secure resources

This may seem like a science fiction movie scenario, but it could very well occur if we are not careful. They are inevitable unless changes are made to end the climate crisis completely.
Switching from traditional home heating oil to biofuels such as B20 is a valid and immediate solution to this problem.

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What Are Biofuels?

image of soy used for biofuel production

Bioheat® fuel is made by mixing biodiesel and ultra-low sulfur heating fuel to create an eco-friendly alternative to traditional heating oil and natural gas. Biofuel can be used in homes today. It can be used in existing heating systems, so it can be put to work immediately to help reverse the damage of greenhouse gas emissions and climate destruction.

There are currently three biofuel types available for use for home heating. These fuels range from the following:

  • B2-B5 – This is referred to as Bioheat® fuel and has between 2%-5% biodiesel.
  • B5-B20 – This current product is known as Bioheat® Plus fuel. It has a biodiesel blend that ranges from 5%-20%.
  • B20+ – This product version is called Bioheat® Super Plus fuel. It is a heating fuel blend that consists of 20% biodiesel.
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The Facts About Bioheat® Heating Oil

Here are three facts about Bioheat® home heating oil:

  • Bioheat® fuel is created using biodiesel, which comes from renewable agricultural sources, such as recycled oils, fats, used cooking oil, canola oil, soybean oil, and inedible corn oil.
  • Also, Bioheat® fuel can be utilized immediately. Homeowners don’t have to worry as it is compatible with most existing heating systems. They do not have to change their equipment, which can be an expensive endeavor.
  • Bioheat® fuel cost is in line with the current prices for other liquid heating fuels like natural gas and home heating oil.

How Biofuels Effectively Reduce Carbon Emissions

The US Energy Information Administration stated, “The US government considers biodiesel to be carbon-neutral because the plants that are the sources of the feedstocks for making biodiesel, such as soybeans and palm oil trees, absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) as they grow.”

Most people do not realize that the ability of plant matter to absorb carbon dioxide has powerful effects. Growing more soybean plants and palm oil trees effectively creates something that absorbs excess carbon dioxide. The CO2 is then converted into a fuel source that is turned into biodiesel, which reduces the need to use as many carbon-emitting fuel sources as we used to.

The majority of the US-produced biodiesel is made from soybean oil. However, it is not the only source used to create this carbon-cutting fuel. Recycled grease and oil from restaurants, animal fats, and used vegetable oils are also used.

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Why Biofuel Is Our Best Option To Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions Immediately

Biofuel is the best alternative for reducing greenhouse gas emissions instantly because it is readily available. Many of the other proposed solutions to minimize CO2 emissions are years away from becoming viable options.

Biofuel is available now. More importantly, it is already working hard to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The next step is to have more and more homeowners use Bioheat® fuel for home heating instead of using home heating oil or natural gas.

The question is how you can convince other homeowners to switch to biofuels. It should not be hard as the price is in line with the current prices of natural gas and oil. More than that, it is crucial that we continuously spread the word about biofuel so that homeowners can conclude for themselves that it is the better option for the environment.

It is time to act and do something about the climate crisis. We cannot afford to wait for the widespread use of wind energy, the mass adoption of electric cars, or other alternatives that are far away.

Switch to Bioheat® heating oil for home heating to help the environment right now.

Clobber The Climate Crisis With Renewable Biofuels Today

The Paris Agreement had 196 countries agree to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in 2016. This agreement involved governments around the globe agreeing to lower their carbon emissions to keep the temperatures from increasing an additional 2°C. Their ultimate goal is to prevent the temperatures from rising 1.5°C.

Using clean energy fuels such as renewable biofuels is the best way to start the process of minimizing our carbon emissions. This, in turn, helps prevent the climate crisis. Do not hesitate to call Wilcox Energy to switch to renewable biofuels immediately. We have a better chance of stemming the catastrophic effects of the imminent climate crisis the faster these changes are made.

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As mentioned above, Bioheat® heating oil packs all the benefits of a premium heating oil in one. It can be used with traditional heating systems without any adjustments, cutting the costs of modifications and converting to other heat sources. As a biodiesel and ULSHO (ultra-low sulfur heating oil) blend, your heater runs more efficiently and cleaner while preserving its condition. Bioheat® heating oil uses 100% biodiesel to create a blend with lower carbon emissions, making it a safer choice for the environment and a safer option to use in your home.

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