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Air Conditioning Systems

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Wilcox Energy provides a wide variety of cooling equipment solutions for residential and commercial properties in Connecticut. Get a free, in-home price quote to upgrade or install a new home air conditioning system.

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Wilcox Energy offers a complete line of air conditioning services and equipment to keep you and your family cool and comfortable when the outside temperatures heat up. We provide:

  • Annual air conditioning tune-up service
  • Preventative A/C system maintenance
  • Air conditioning system upgrades
  • Replacement A/C systems
  • New central air conditioning installation
  • Ductless cooling installation & service
  • Emergency repairs
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Air Conditioning Repairs & Service

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Call our offices to schedule your next cooling system tune-up service.

A/C Tune-Ups and Preventative Maintenance Services

Have peace of mind that with Wilcox Energy's A/C services, trusting that you will stay cool this summer!

Annual tune-ups and preventative maintenance services for your home's air conditioning system will keep it running in top-notch shape. Additionally, it will extend the lifespan of your A/C system and keep it running at its most optimal efficiency levels.

Our AC service technicians will be able to identify areas of your cooling system that may need replacement parts before your A/C fails. This will help to minimize or avoid undesirable “my air conditioning is not blowing cold air” emergency calls.

New Air Conditioning System Installation

New Cooling Equipment Benefits

There’s no better time than now.

Over the years, a lot of improvement has been made in the world of home cooling systems. Most systems today are quieter and much more energy efficient than in the past.

Of course, as your HVAC Contractor, we first take the time to evaluate your home’s needs. We’ll make sure to devise the perfect-sized system for your house and provide you with guaranteed comfort.

Plus, with financing options available, Wilcox Energy works with you and your budget.

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Cooling Brands We Install

Cooling you off with the best

We at Wilcox work with trusted partners to help ensure the ultimate in comfort for your home cooling and air conditioning needs. We install Mitsubishi products as they have the best quality equipment available.

Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Air Conditioning
We at Wilcox like to revolutionize the way the world thinks about cooling systems. Mitsubishi Electric ductless cooling and heating technology offers an alternative to traditional systems. It focuses on individual rooms and living spaces and is more energy efficient, versatile, and easier to install.

Here are just some of the benefits to a ductless air conditioning system:

  • No ductwork for traditional systems
  • Addresses problem areas in the house with rooms that are too hot or too cold
  • Additions, renovations and newly finished spaces such as basements, attics, and bonus room
  • Enclosed patios and Sunrooms
  • Larger, multi-zone living spaces

Exceptional Energy Conservation and Individualized Comfort With:

  • Inverter-driven compressor systems that use only the exact amount of energy needed to cool or heat an area.
  • Zone control, which enables you to control the temperature within any space that has an indoor unit installed. Comfort control is available from one to eight rooms connected to a single outdoor unit.
  • Standard and enhanced filtration systems for each room, washable and usable for up to 10 years. Hybrid Catechin and blue-enzyme filters remove allergens and also prevent cross-contamination of air from room to room. Select systems incorporate an additional Platinum Catalyst filter for more odor elimination

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