Why You Should Never Troubleshoot Your Furnace

HVAC serviceFurnaces may be built to last, but they cannot last forever. Sooner or later, they will break down especially if they do not undergo regular tune-ups and maintenance checks.

Age, type, model, and brand often do not matter as much if the unit is not taken care of. Therefore, to prevent unnecessary malfunctions, be sure to schedule an annual tune-up. However, like all machinery, HVAC systems will break down on occasion.

So how would you know that your furnace needs an immediate check-up? Here are some of the most common signs to watch out for:

  • persistent noises
  • inadequate or uneven heat
  • discolored or seemingly damaged pilot light
  • decreased air quality
  • damaged carbon monoxide detector

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Furnace Issues That Require Furnace Repair Old Lyme CT

While furnaces are generally safe to use, once they malfunction they could increase your risks in terms of safety and health. A broken furnace, for example, could expose you to the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning and fires. Therefore, it is a good idea to have an awareness of when your furnace is malfunctioning. In this article, we will discuss some of the signs that indicate the need to call an HVAC company.

Dealing With Dirty, Clogged Filters

HVAC serviceAir filters can get dirty and become clogged with regular use, effectively reducing the flow of air into the unit. This problem leads to wear-and-tear, causing the heater to work harder. With this issue, you will also notice that your furnace takes a long time to heat the home. This decrease in efficiency will require the system to use up more energy and increase cost.

What to do: Call a qualified HVAC technician or contractor to clean the unit and replace the filter. Have the heating unit inspected and the filters replaced regularly.

Thermostat Issues To Be Aware Of

The thermostat regulates the temperature in the heating uni. Any malfunction in this component could lead to uneven room temperatures.

Some of the factors that influence thermostat problems include age, faulty wiring, dust, dirt, debris inside the unit, and incorrect calibration. These factors can affect the thermostat and cause the heating unit to malfunction. Similarly, if the heat anticipator is defective, the furnace will short cycle.

What to do: The multiple factors that affect the thermostat could make DIY repair more complicated and risky. Avoid troubleshooting the unit yourself and call a licensed HVAC technician instead.

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Cracks In The Heat Exchanger: Causes & Effects

gas furnaceThe heat exchanger is made of a metallic chamber and a passageway. It separates the process of combustion from the interior air. It helps ensure that harmful flue products like carbon monoxide are eliminated from the air in your home.

The heat exchanger is covered by a thin metal that could crack due to rust, repeated exposure to moisture, and debris. This issue can lead to problems in the performance of the furnace. If the heater stops blowing air or fails to heat up the room, the heat exchanger may be cracked. This damage can also potentially increase the likelihood of a dangerous gas leak into the house.

What to do: If you observe these symptoms, call a qualified HVAC professional immediately and have the heat exchanger replaced.

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Issues With The Furnace Blower Motor

In HVAC systems that use forced air, the blower motor functions as the main component that circulates conditioned air. Regular maintenance helps ensure that the blower motor will function well. However, it could begin to show problems due to certain factors. Some of the most common causes of failure in blower motors include:

  • Mechanical failure- mechanical issues can plague a blower motor, particularly in an older unit. The limit switch and bearings could become worn out, which will cause the furnace to blow cold air. If the belt drive becomes worn out, the blower motor will not start readily. If the belt drive is too tight, it is likely to become worn out more quickly and also put the bearings under unnecessary pressure.
  • Electrical failure- problems with electrical components can lead to blower motor failure. Capacitor problems and insufficient voltage are common causes of this issue.
  • Dirt Accumulation- dirt, dust, and debris can clog the motor and cause it to fail.

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Is Your Heating System Still Up To The Task?

Some issues you may have with your furnace may easily be prevented through regular maintenance and checkups by an experienced HVAC professional. However, problems with components are not as simple to fix. Performing inspections and repairs yourself could often do more harm than good. If your furnace is showing any of the symptoms mentioned, talk to an HVAC contractor right away. A heating system is a complex appliance that could be dangerous in the wrong hands.



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