Furnace Repairs You May Need Before Winter

woman with a broken heating systemThe dropping temperatures signal the approach of winter. Make sure that your heating system will be ready when it comes.

You should have your furnace inspected and repaired this fall so that you won’t have to deal with an unexpected heating emergency later on.

In this article, we discuss some of the signs that indicate the need for a furnace repair. We also cover some furnace troubleshooting procedures, common furnace repairs, and timely replacement indicators.

Signs That You Need A Furnace Repair

Below, we discuss some signs that will let you know that your furnace requires professional attention.

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1. Your Heating System Is Unable To Create A Comfortable House

A perfectly working furnace should be able to keep the house warm and comfortable. The indoor temperature should stay within an ideal range day after day. If you are feeling too hot or too cold, then something may be wrong. This is especially suspicious if the furnace had been working well before this sudden change.

2. High Home Heating Costs

high utility billsAfter a while, households should get a feel for their monthly fuel consumption and the corresponding costs. Unless your fuel or energy company has changed its rates, this expense should not vary significantly from year to year. If the actual consumption greatly exceeds your forecast, then professionals should look into the underlying cause.

3. Hot And Cold Spots Throughout Your Home

The whole house should be kept at roughly the same temperature. It is not normal to have a temperature imbalance between different rooms. For example, you may notice that the rooms that are located near the furnace are nice and toasty. You may also notice that those that further away feel cold and clammy. If you notice an uneven temperature throughout your home, then it is time to call your local HVAC company. The system may not be generating enough heat for a variety of reasons.

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Basic Furnace Troubleshooting Tips

Below, we discuss some furnace troubleshooting tips that any homeowner can perform.

1. Check The Furnace Filter

furnace hvac filterA lot of furnace problems can be traced to a few components. One of the usual suspects is the air filter. These block dust and dirt from entering the system. Over time, their surfaces get so dirty that airflow suffers, air quality drops, and the system fails. Make it a habit to inspect the filter every month and replace it if necessary.

2. Check The Thermostat

If the house feels too hot or too cold, then check whether the thermostat is working properly. Adjust the temperature setting and see if that leads to any improvement. See if the batteries still have a charge. Clean it if it has become dusty, especially around the coils and contact plates. Remove any nearby heat source, which may cause false readings.

3. Check The Furnace Switch

Move on to the power switch to check for issues. See if it has been turned off. Check the fuse box as well. If you aren’t sure due to a lack of labels, just move all of the switches in the same direction. You could also try to do a system reset by turning the switch off before turning it back on. Replace the fuse if necessary.

4. Check The Furnace Flame

furnace flameFurnace flames should burn predominantly blue. This indicates excellent efficiency and proper function. If you see a different color, turn off the furnace and then call an HVAC technician as soon as possible. This issue requires professional attention.

5. Check The Vents And Registers

If most of the rooms in your home are being heated properly, then you might want to check the vents.

Maybe the furnace itself is working fine, but dirt and debris are blocking the vents, limiting airflow. Remove all obstructions and keep the air channels open.

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Common Furnace Repairs

Below, we discuss some common furnace repairs you may encounter.

1. Cracked Heat Exchanger

furnace repair serviceHVAC technicians will bring all of the tools and parts that may need replacement, depending on the issue you called for. For example, they will be ready to deal with a cracked heat exchanger to prevent harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide, from leaking into the home.

2. Frayed Blower Belt

Another common repair is a frayed or slipped blower belt, which is usually indicated by a high pitched squeal. There may be a misalignment or tension issue. The belt will overheat and get damaged in the process, so a replacement belt is ideal.

3. Faulty Ignition

If the ignition is faulty, then the furnace will be able to burn fuel. This could be a pilot light or ignition sensor issue. You hear a click, but it doesn’t fire up. This part will possibly have to be dismantled and cleaned.

4. Thermostat Malfunction

The thermostat controls the whole system. If its sensors are malfunctioning, then battery replacement and cleaning are the initial fixes. Sometimes you have no choice but to replace the thermostat for greater reliability.

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5. Loud Furnace Sounds

Furnaces should be able to do their job while being relatively quiet. If you hear unusual sounds, then call a technician right away. This may be due to worn out ball bearing or other mechanical issues.

When To Opt For A Furnace Repair Vs. Replacement

While repairs are generally more economical, things may change with age. Systems older than a decade may become money pits due to frequent repairs and poor energy efficiency. They can also be unpleasant to use due to bad indoor air quality and unreliable performance. If the long-term cost of keeping an old furnace is too high, then it may be time to consider a replacement. Talk to your local HVAC contractor to inquire about the condition of your furnace.


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