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Heating With Oil

Warm, Safe And Reliable Heating.

Oil heat is one of the best heating fuels available today. With our Bioheat heating oil delivery, you can now get environmentally friendly, clean oil for your home.

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Bioheat Heating Oil

Everything is new about heating oil today. But what is Bioheat heating oil? Simply put, it’s low-sulfur heating oil blended with biodiesel, which is biodegradable and comes from organic materials like vegetable and soybean oils, animal fats—or even algae! Not only is it renewable, but it is also the cleanest burning of all fossil fuels (this includes natural gas and propane). Click Here to view an informative infographic.

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Fuel Oil Pricing & Payment Plans

Everybody's financial picture looks different. That is why we created a variety of pricing and payment plans for our oil heat customers. We offer a variety of options from capped payment plans to pay as you go.

Improving Your Heating Oil With HEATDOC™ Fuel Additives

HEATDOCYou can count on Wilcox Energy to deliver better, safer and cleaner home heating oil with HEATDOC™, a best-in-class heating oil conditioner that helps improve your fuel efficiency. Additionally, HEATDOC™ fuel additives help protect your heating equipment and help to prolong its lifespan and maintain its energy efficiency. Best of all, there is no additional charge for this product!

HEATDOC™ benefits

  • Cleaner fuel with an advanced dispersant. This works by helping to clean your heating oil tank gradually and continuously. This also helps reduce oil burner nozzle & filter clogs and plugging.
  • HEATDOC™ fuel additives inhibit corrosion and rust buildup in your oil tank and fuel lines.
  • HEATDOC™ is recognized as the gold standard for cleaner burning fuel and corrosion protection for your entire fuel delivery system.
  • Enhances advanced blends of ultra-low sulfur and biodiesel, keeping both your fuel and your heating system healthy.

Our Connecticut Fuel Delivery Area

At Wilcox Energy we are committed to providing only the best and highest quality of professional service and delivery. We know it’s never a “good time” to be without heat. So count on us to have you up and running quickly!

We built our oil storage facility so we can have easy, constant access to fuel when you need it delivered. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

We limit our offerings to 25 miles, door to door, to provide you with outstanding service. Our technicians live in our service territory, so they will respond quickly no matter what, no matter when. You can always call us or drop by our office, we’re happy to help.

Service Area Locations In CT

We proudly provide service to shoreline residents and businesses in the towns of:

WestbrookClintonMadisonGuilfordKillingworthChesterDeep RiverEssexOld SaybrookOld LymeLymeNianticEast Lyme, and East Haddam

*In Guilford and East Haddam, we serve only homes located within a 25-mile radius of our office.