Propane Delivery Services In Westbrook, Connecticut

Wilcox Energy: Propane Delivery In Westbrook CT – We provide dependable, affordable and fast propane delivery service in the Westbrook area. Wilcox Energy is a reliable, trusted supplier of propane and propane equipment serving Westbrook, Connecticut. We are family owned and operated company, established in 1955. We specialize in providing propane services to residential and commercial customers. You can depend on remarkable customer service with a personal touch. Wilcox Energy is more than just a propane supplier! We are actively engaged in our tight-knit Southeastern CT community.

Propane is mainly used as a heating fuel source. However, propane is also used for heating domestic water, pool heaters, clothes dryers, cooking, outdoor heat lamps, outdoor lighting, backup power generators and more. Our customers turn to Wilcox Energy to keep their propane tank filled at all times. Our trustworthy delivery services let our customers have peace of mind knowing that they will never be without propane!

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Propane Fuel Deliveries in Westbrook CT

We offer the following:

  • Top Rated, Trusted Westbrook Propane Delivery Service

  • Automatic Propane Delivery Service To Westbrook

  • Westbrook Propane Price Protection Programs

  • Highly Reviewed, 5 Star Rated Propane Services

  • Friendly, Local Westbrook Propane Service

  • In-house Emergency Propane Response To Heat Emergencies 24 Hours a Day In Westbrook

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Propane Prices: Recent winters have proven that a company’s capability to deliver the propane you purchased is equally as important as the price. Many companies that publish extremely low propane prices frequently can not keep up with the demand at the time you need your fuel the most, when the outside temperatures are icy cold! At Wilcox Energy, we have an on-site bulk propane storage facility that allows us to ALWAYS deliver propane in a prompt manner. Read more.

Wilcox Energy

Propane Delivery Service in Westbrook CT

If you need propane delivered to your residential or commercial property in southeastern Connecticut, reach out to Wilcox Energy. If you want budget-friendly and fast propane home delivery, then you won’t be disappointed with our services. We store propane on our property in our own 60,000 gallon tanks. Because of our big storage facilities, we can deliver propane to your home or business even during the busiest times of the propane delivery period. We also provide propane containers for customers that do not own their personal tanks. Upon purchasing a tank from us, we will also set up the propane storage unit for you. We offer tank monitors that notify us when you’re running low on propane so that we can deliver more propane to your house or company. This is a modern propane tank monitoring service that you will love.

In some cases, we offer same day propane delivery to be sure that you do not run out of propane. Call our offices to talk about emergency, same day delivery options. We pride ourselves in delivering your propane on time, all the time. If there is a leak in your storage tank when we refill it, we will talk to you about the damage to your tank. Call us today for your next propane delivery: (860) 399-6218

Propane Home Delivery Service To Westbrook, Connecticut

As one of the leading local propane delivery suppliers serving southeastern Connecticut, Wilcox Energy offers residential propane delivery services. Our experienced drivers will deliver propane to your home safely and efficiently every time. We deliver propane to homes and businesses located in our service area throughout southeastern Connecticut. Our services expand across New London, New Haven, and Middlesex counties. Call us today to get your propane delivered now!

We deliver propane tanks in many different sizes to serve our customers’ needs. They will be able to install a propane tank that works best for your home. Our staff will give you free, reasonable quotes if you need a propane tank delivered to your residence. You can trust our propane truck delivery drivers to deliver propane to your residence in a timely manner. Call us at (860) 399-6218 to schedule your next propane delivery!

Propane Tanks in Connecticut

For our commercial and residential customers, we set up the most widely used propane tank sizes that will best suit your home or business. Our propane tanks can be set above ground or below ground, depending on your house. At Wilcox Energy, we can accommodate LP gas refills for 100 lb tanks, 250 lb tanks, 500 lb tanks, 1000 lb tanks or more! If you happen to have a leak in your propane tank, we will dispatch our propane technicians to your home or company to take a look at the leak ASAP and provide solutions.

Some commonly asked questions about propane tanks are:

  • What is the hissing sound coming from my propane tank?
  • Is it better to rent or buy a propane tank?
  • How should I protect my propane tank in case there is a flood?
  • What is a BTU?
  • How dangerous is propane?
  • How do you check for a leak in a tank?
  • Is propane eco-friendly?

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Emergency Propane Delivery in Westbrook

In an emergency situation during winter, you do not want to run out of heat. When you need an emergency propane delivery, you can count on Wilcox Energy to refill your tank! If you need to Google “Emergency propane delivery near me”, “same day propane delivery” or similar kinds of searches, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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Westbrook Propane Prices

Although a few of the current propane prices you may find are cheap, sometimes inexpensive propane is not high quality. Here at Wilcox Energy, we offer competitive prices and quality service. Our propane prices and customer support services are unmatched in eastern Connecticut. We are a local, family owned and operated business. When you purchase propane and related services from Wilcox Energy, you can count on personal, helpful service. We provide our residential and commercial customers with a wide variety of payment options that will help you make an easy and well-informed decision. Our propane technicians will be sure to give you fair and reasonable quotes on our current propane pricing and services.

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Westbrook CT Information

The Population of Westbrook is 6,933, the median income is $78,346 and the number of households is 2,810. Westbrook is located in Middlesex County at: Latitude 41.30369 and Longitude -72.47802. Westbrook, CT is a town that sits between Clinton and Old Saybrook. A notable person from Westbrook is a man by the name of David Bushnell. Bushnell happens to be the man who built the first submarine that was used in combat by American forces. He was born in 1740 and died in 1824. Another notable person from Westbrook, CT is Art Carney. Carney was an actor and comedian. He was most recognizable from his role of Ed Norton in the sitcom The Honeymooners. He lived from 1918-2003. One local cafe is Cafe Routier. Located on 1353 Boston Post Road, Cafe Routier strives to provide their customers with food from around the world. Cafe Routier bases its menu around seasonal demands and they try to stay ahead of other competition. A great place to go shopping is the Westbrook Outlets. It is known to be a great environment for leisurely shopping. It has many stores and a unique outdoor setting.

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