Repair Or Replace Your AC: What To Consider

air conditioning repair service in a residential homeYour AC makes your home cool and comfortable during the summer. However, when your cooling system breaks down repeatedly, you might start wondering if a replacement is in order. However, before you start shopping, there are a few factors you need to consider first.

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Do I Need A Replacement Or An Air Conditioning Repair Old Saybrook CT?

It is a real challenge to figure out whether your air conditioning unit requires a replacement or an air conditioner repair. Listed below are a few tips you should consider before deciding it’s time to replace your AC system.


AC issuesThe first question you should ask yourself is: how old is my AC system? An air conditioning unit typically has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. If your AC is older than that, then it is time to replace it.

An old A/C is more prone to wear and tear. Your household will experience a multitude of issues that come with your air conditioner’s deterioration. An example of this is inadequate cooling. Some rooms in your home will feel warmer than others, and this will affect the comfort levels you and your family are receiving. Also, many old systems eventually go through a system failure, leaving homes without an AC in the peak of the heat.

Energy Efficiency

Over time, an air conditioner loses its efficiency. Aside from the usual wear and tear, the global climate also affects your AC’s efficiency. The increasing temperature makes your cooling system strain as it works harder to keep up. Your AC might have a lower ton that used to work fine when the climate wasn’t as hot as it is now. You might notice that some rooms still feel warm although the thermostat is set correctly. Replacing it with a new one (with a higher tonnage) might be the best course of action to take when your old AC’s efficiency isn’t as effective as it used to be.

Be sure to look for “air conditioning repair near me” or “air conditioning service” to find a reputable HVAC company in your area. Read their reviews and schedule an estimate. You want to ensure that the company that you hire is one that is known for delivering honest and professional work.

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air conditioning costsWhen you start dreading your electric utility bill at the end of each month, you might want to assess why your electric bill is getting so high. One of the common culprits is your AC. Old air conditioners are less efficient than newer ones because new ACs have higher SEER ratings. Also, as systems age, they lose their efficiency, requiring more energy to do their job.

As mentioned above, modern ACs have higher SEER ratings compared to old units. The seasonal energy efficiency ratio or SEER rating is the metric used to measure your AC’s cooling efficiency. The standard SEER rating of old units is 10 or lower. On the other hand, modern ACs have a minimum SEER rating of 13. Many go all the way up to 23.

Installing a new A/C with a high SEER rating means that your AC is using less energy while providing the same amount of cooling. The higher the SEER rating is, the more energy-efficient it will be. Therefore, your electric utility bills will be lower. You can save as much as $300 to $1000 on your electricity bill per year, depending on the type of A/C you install.


Another thing you should consider is the refrigerant your AC uses. The refrigerant is the coolant your AC uses for its refrigeration cycle. Older ACs commonly use R-22. Unfortunately, R-22 has been found to be an ozone-depleting substance by the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA ordered its phase-out in 2010, and it will no longer be in production by 2020. It has been discontinued for use in newer models of air conditioners. Because the supply is limited, R-22 is more expensive than ever before.

New models of AC use R-410A. This refrigerant is safer for the environment. Also, A/Cs that use R-410A are more energy efficient and help homeowners save money.

Fewer Repairs

As we have discussed above, old cooling systems are more susceptible to damages. Due to wear and tear, you are more likely to find yourself reaching for your phone and calling a technician frequently for AC repairs. If the accumulated cost of AC repairs equals that of half the price of purchasing a new cooling system, then it is recommended that you buy a new A/C instead. Your old one isn’t as efficient and economical as it was before. Buying a new one might be expensive initially. However, replacing a frequently malfunctioning AC will save you more money in the long run. It is best to call an air conditioning service to perform air conditioning repair troubleshooting to determine what is the best course of action for your home.

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Our best tip when you are thinking about whether you should repair or replace your A/C is to contact a trusted technician. A professional has years of knowledge and training to help you assess what needs to be done with your air conditioning unit.

When you are searching for trustworthy HVAC services, call Wilcox Energy. Our NATE-certified technicians have the skills to evaluate your air conditioner’s problems and repair them right away.

If a replacement is required, we will let you know right away. We will present you with all of your solutions. You can count on us to thoroughly explain each option so that you can choose the one that best meets your plan and budget. We offer the best air conditioning repair cost and the most affordable AC replacements in the area.

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