What Does AFUE Rating Really Mean?

image of energy efficiency and home heating hvac system

Almost 50% of your overall energy costs can be attributed to your home’s cooling and heating system. With regards to your heating system, familiarize yourself with AFUE. This has a direct impact on your energy consumption and costs, especially if you’re due for an HVAC replacement. Read on to learn more about AFUE rating.

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What Does An Air Conditioner’s SEER Rating Actually Mean?

image of efficiency rating sign depicting air conditioner seer rating

One of the most essential elements to consider during air conditioner replacement is the SEER rating. This rating determines how efficient an HVAC system is and its ability to provide indoor comfort. The US EIA states that the SEER rating should be 14 or higher. Explore more on SEER rating in this article.

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Why Is Smoke Coming Out Of The Vents When AC Is On?

image of an hvac air vent

The cooling unit of your house is an integral component of your family’s comfort. However, what steps should you take if you notice that your AC unit is performing unusually? This article discusses a prospective air conditioner issue – when you notice there is smoke coming out of the air conditioning vents in your home.

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How Does My Air Conditioner Cool My Home?

image of an air conditioner compressor depicting ac unit operation

If our ancestors could see a modern air conditioner, then they might think that it was a magical box that could change the environment. Of course, we all know that it is simply a product of scientific innovation. In this article, we answer the question, “How does an air conditioner work?”.

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How Many Zones Can A Mini-Split Have?

mitsubishi heating and cooling system

Central air conditioners use high amounts of energy when controlling the temperatures in unused rooms or areas of the home that do not need much cooling or heating. Therefore, consider using a ductless mini-split heat pump instead. This significantly improves your home’s efficiency via zoning. This article discusses the advantages of ductless HVAC zoning.

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How To Find A Competent Air Conditioner Replacement Company

image of a woman deciding between air conditioner installation companies

Plan your air conditioner replacement carefully to get the most value for your money. Just remember that getting the best cooling equipment is not enough. Make sure that you are hiring a competent AC replacement company as well. After all, the installation has a big influence on the performance and longevity of the system.

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Why Is My Air Conditioner Making Noise?

image of man experiencing loud air conditioner noises

An air conditioner making noise can also indicate a bigger AC problem that should be checked by a professional HVAC technician immediately. Noises typically point to a part (or several parts) that are not working as intended. As a result, the air conditioning system might not be running as it should.

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What Can I Expect During My HVAC Installation?

image of expectations depicting hvac installation

Always invest in a high-quality HVAC system for your home as it affects your energy costs and comfort for at least a decade or more. Also, hire a dependable HVAC contractor to install it. After all, the quality of the installation impacts its performance. Here’s what to expect during an HVAC installation.

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Best Ways To Troubleshoot Your Thermostat Problems

home in Old Saybrook CT with thermostat issues

We receive many phone calls from frustrated homeowners at this time of year. Most of these customers are under the impression that their thermostats are malfunctioning. In this article are some ways you can troubleshoot your thermostat before jumping to the conclusion that it is not functioning correctly. Click to read more.

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What Is A Boiler Expansion Tank?

image of a boiler with boiler pressure relief tank

Has your HVAC professional told you that it’s time to replace the boiler expansion tank, but you don’t have a clue what this tank is or does? No problem. Your boiler expansion tank is a key element of your home’s hydronic heating system. In this article, we share some vital information about boiler expansion tanks.

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