The Basics Of Changing Your HVAC Air Filters

indoor air quality

An HVAC system works by drawing in air and then forcing that air throughout a home through any number of ducts and vents. However, in some cases, that air can be filled with pollutants. In this article, we discuss air filter replacements as a way to improve the indoor air quality in your home.

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How To Prevent Damage To Your HVAC System From Fallen Leaves

fall and hvac system

While all of the autumn leaves make the outdoors look gorgeous, they may cause problems for your home’s HVAC system if you do not take care of them. In this article, you will find some tips and tricks in dealing with fallen leaves on and near your home’s HVAC system.

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Can Closing HVAC Vents In Unused Rooms Save Money?

best ways to make your hvac system energy-efficient

Closing HVAC vents might seem like a good idea. Many homeowners think that it is an excellent way to avoid paying to heat or cool unused rooms. However, this idea is far from the truth. This article highlights what happens when you close the HVAC vents to unused rooms.

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Best Ways To Troubleshoot Your Thermostat Problems

home in Old Saybrook CT with thermostat issues

We receive many phone calls from frustrated homeowners at this time of year. Most of these customers are under the impression that their thermostats are malfunctioning. In this article are some ways you can troubleshoot your thermostat before jumping to the conclusion that it is not functioning correctly.

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Show Your HVAC System You’re Grateful For It This Thanksgiving

HVAC contractor in Westbrook Connecticut

Thanksgiving is almost here. With that being said, it’s time to start thinking about those things in our lives that we’re grateful for. You’ll find so many blessings in your life that you’ll probably forget about how grateful you are for your home’s HVAC system. As a homeowner you depend on your HVAC system to keep your home nice and comfortable throughout the year. The system can only do this when it’s able to work efficiently. This is never more important than when the temperatures are extreme outside. In this article, we will discuss what your heating and cooling system does for you. Also, we will share some ways that you can give back to it. Click through to read more on this topic.

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Why HVAC Second Opinion Matters

HVAC replacement 2nd opinion

Old machines succumb to wear and tear as they get older. This is true for both ACs and heaters. Eventually, they will need to be replaced. We know that getting quotes from HVAC contractors can seem overwhelming. However, you can trust Wilcox Energy to offer you a trusted second opinion for your heater replacement or HVAC replacement. This article talks about the importance of getting a second opinion for your AC and heater replacement. Click through to find out more.

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Use Trees To Reduce Your Heating And Cooling Costs

air conditioning unit annual tune-up in Chester CT

The moment you plant trees, you are helping in energy conservation and improvement in air quality. Energy conservation is favorable for the pockets of homeowners and great for the ambient too. Once your home is exposed to the harsh sun, HVAC systems are affected. This results to overworking of the AC unit especially during hot seasons. This article explains how planting trees helps in reducing air conditioning expenses. You also get to enjoy a more appealing home. Click through to learn more on this subject.

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Proper HVAC Maintenance Keeps Pests At Bay

HVAC pest infestation

A lot of homes struggle with pests. These insects and animals often seem to find their way back into residential properties after they’ve already been repelled. Not only can they infest your actual living areas, but pests can also enter your HVAC system. When they do this, they cause a vast range of issues. For instance, they might start breeding in your home and living in the ducts. Once they do, they’ll leave behind things like shells, fur, carcasses, wings, and even fecal matter. Click through to read more on this subject.

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