Carpet And Indoor Air Quality: Why Carpet Is Bad For You

image of a family on carpet depicting indoor air quality

Many homeowners opt to use carpets as flooring. Carpet offers insulation and noise reduction features. They can also enhance the aesthetics of your rooms since carpets come in many colors and patterns. Unfortunately, carpets also have a few disadvantages too, particularly when it comes to your indoor air quality.

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How To Choose An Air Filter When You Have A Pet

pets at home

Research confirms that pets increase mental and physical health. It’s no wonder that many people think of pets as family members, allowing them to roam around the home. The disadvantage is that they distribute dander and fur, negatively affecting indoor air quality. Pet owners can prevent this by choosing the correct HVAC air filter.

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Common Household Products That Lead To Indoor Air Pollution

man in gas mask depicting indoor air pollution

There are improvements you can make on your home to increase its cleanliness and safety. One way to do this is to improve your indoor air quality. This article will discuss how pollutants affect indoor air quality. We will also discuss how some household products contribute to indoor air pollution.

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Portable Dehumidifier Vs. Air Conditioner: Which Is Best?

man suffering from high humidity at home

If you are becoming concerned with high levels of humidity in your home and the health risks and damages that come with it, then it’s time to think about some solutions. This article will talk about the differences between a portable dehumidifier vs air conditioner as a means to improve the air quality at home.

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Simple Tips For Pet Owners To Improve Their Indoor Air Quality

cat and dog depicting their impact on indoor air quality in home

Having a pet can greatly add to your enjoyment and quality of life. The unfortunate downside to owning a long-haired or furry animal is that it can decrease your indoor air quality (IAQ). With a few simple tips, you can avoid some of the issues that come with bad air quality and animals.

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Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality With These Simple Tips

indoor air quality

Improving your indoor air quality is important because most people spend the majority of their lives indoors. Fortunately, we can do something about maintaining indoor air quality. In this article, we discuss indoor air quality, the causes of indoor air pollution, and how to improve indoor air quality inside your home.

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Four Natural Ways To Increase The Humidity Levels Inside Your Home

house plants and indoor air quality

Homeowners need to learn effective ways of maintaining the correct humidity levels inside their houses during the winter. That way, their home heating expenses will be less, and it will eliminate the discomfort that dry air is associated with. We will be discussing four natural methods for increasing humidity in your house in this article.

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