What You Need To Know About Buying A Home With Propane Heat

home heating with propane

If you’re buying a house with a propane tank already installed, there are some things you should know. Propane can heat your house and power many appliances while saving you a lot of money. In this article, we will discuss what you need to know when buying a house that uses propane.

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How To Pick The Best Propane Company In Southeastern CT

propane delivery companies in southeastern ct

There are numerous market forces that influence the price of propane. Consumers may also experience varying levels of service quality depending on the company they choose. It helps to do your homework if you’re planning on starting new service with a propane company. In this article, we discuss what to look for when searching for a new propane delivery service.

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Propane Versatility – Dual Fuel Discount:

Propane: is there anything it can’t do? Do you have propane in your house? Maybe you use it for cooking, to heat your hot water, or your fireplace. Or, maybe you use propane to fuel your outdoor amenities like your fire pit, swimming pool, or generator. We want to remind you that we are here…

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Propane Prices in CT – Choosing a Propane Company in CT

propane deliveries in CT

Why are Propane Prices so High in CT? Ask anyone who has gotten a propane delivery and they will tell you that prices have gone up this season.  The question, though, is why?  It turns out it’s been a bit of a “perfect storm” all related to supply and demand, and the price of propane…

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Buying a Home with Propane in CT ~ The most important Question

Who owns the propane tank?  Does the tank convey with the property? The state of CT Department Protection passed the Uniform Property Disclosure Act, requiring that a seller complete a Disclosure Statement when listing a property for sale.  This was introduced to help protect buyers from unknowingly purchasing a property that is known to have…

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Propane Heat-Is it for me? Converting to propane in CT

propane deliveries in ct

Propane’s popularity is growing as new propane heating system installations and propane conversions are on the rise. Homeowners along the CT Shoreline from Madison to East Lyme are wondering if it is a good choice for them.   When considering options for heating conversions, more and more people are including propane as a fuel source. …

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Switching to a New Propane Company on the CT shoreline

Even if you lease your propane tanks, switching your propane supplier requires nothing more than a phone call.  The experts at Wilcox Energy will handle the rest. Many propane companies that service the CT Shoreline, including the towns of Westbrook, Essex, Deep River, Old Saybrook, Madison, Guilford, Clinton, and Killingworth, just don’t seem to be…

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No Storm Rebates for Oil Fired Boilers.

Big News:  Governor Malloy announced that he will be offering additional rebate incentives totaling $3 million for homeowners affected by Super Storm Sandy.  Upgrade your heating equipment with newer, higher efficiency heating systems, and you can receive incentive dollars from the government. “The governor announced Tuesday that the financial incentives would apply to residential and business…

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