What Happens When You Skip Annual Furnace Maintenance?

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For optimum performance, all machines require regular maintenance. Furnaces are certainly no exception to this rule as they require annual furnace maintenance to perform well. In fact, according to experts, your home furnace should be serviced by a professional HVAC technician at least once each year for assured functioning. A lot of homeowners are aware of this requirement and yet, they continually fail to schedule these services. Most neglect to even set these appointments up. Others fail to schedule it in an effort to save cash. After all, there may not be any apparent issues with furnaces and thus, they are happy to leave this equipment alone. What many consumers don’t know is that this type of negligence can lead to a host of serious and expensive problems going forward.

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What Happens When Annual Furnace Maintenance Is Skipped?

This article will talk about some of the consequences of skipping yearly furnace tune-ups for your home furnace.

Inability To Tackle Home Furnace Problems Before They Spiral Out Control

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Those casually observing their home heating equipment may not notice any problems by simply glancing at this equipment, but someone with a trained eye can identify developing issues right away. Professionals have the ability to see signs that others may miss given that they’ve encountered a number of common furnace issues in the past. With early diagnosis, repairs can be made before problems spiral out of control. This makes it possible for technicians to take steps early on so that problems do not worsen. At their early and developmental stages of most issues, repairs can be cheap, easy, and quick to complete. As an example, they might clean out the interiors of furnaces, repair frayed or otherwise damaged wires, perform filter replacements, and more. Routine maintenance for your home heating system can help you avoid major breakdowns and other expensive furnace repairs.

Total Furnace Failure

Heating system components that are wearing down can result in a total furnace failure. A furnace will not operate efficiently or provide adequate heat for creating a warm living environment. If homeowners fail to have damaged components replaced or repaired in a timely fashion, then other components can start to suffer. This will significantly lower the lifespan of the heating equipment. The average lifespan of a home furnace is about 10 to 15 years. When routine furnace maintenance is neglected, however, this lifespan is shortened and a premature home heater replacement will be necessary.

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Home Heating Bills Will Start To Rise

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Absent of diligent, yearly maintenance for your home furnace, this equipment will increasingly struggle to provide adequate heat for the building. It will have to work harder than intended in order to reach the set temperature. As such, more energy will be used and home heating bills will rise. People who are negligent in their annual heater maintenance in an effort to safe cash usually wind up spending far more over time as the result of larger energy bills. This is often a gradual increase, but there are times when it is both sudden and extreme. To avoid this problem entirely, be sure to invest in home furnace maintenance services.

Fire Hazards Associated With Malfunctioning Furnaces

If they aren’t properly maintained, furnaces can pose many serious fire risks. Although it is not common for a furnace to actually spark a fire, the possibility of problems is real and should be acknowledged by all homeowners. More often than not, frayed wiring is the culprit in furnace fires. During maintenance service, HVAC professionals inspect all wiring throughout the system to verify its condition. If there are any potentially hazardous problems, they take corrective actions right away. With this help, you can rest assured of the safety of your home heating system. You won’t have to worry about fires when using it. Every one in the home will be much safer due to diligence in receiving professional maintenance services.

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Diminished Indoor Air Quality

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There are countless impurities within the air that enters the heating system in your home. Among these are mold spores, dirt, dander, dust, pollen, and many others. Air filters are able to capture these potentially harmful particulates to create an acceptable indoor air quality (IAQ), but filters tend to become clogged with accumulations of debris over time. Once they are clogged, they will be far less effective at air purification. The same particulates will be circulated and recirculated throughout the home, causing respiratory irritation, allergies, and other problems among residents, especially those who are most vulnerable. These particulates can also enter into the system components to reduce overall efficiency. Due to the associated health concerns, this is one aspect of your home furnace maintenance that you should never neglect.

Reduced Indoor Comfort

A home heating system that’s been properly installed will provide uniform heat throughout the home and optimum overall comfort. Residents won’t need to worry about staying warm given that they will always be protect from the chilly winter weather. Over time, you may discover that some rooms throughout the building are noticeably warmer than others. This can lead to less comfort for residents. While this might be the result of an aging furnace, it is likely caused by blocked system vents. Routine maintenance can help you avoid this problem as your technician will take the time to thorough clean your vents. They’ll additionally fix all air leaks and ensure that airflow throughout the entire home is good.

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Your Home Furnace Warranty May Be Voided

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With a home furnace warranty, you can avoid out-of-pocket spending on many repairs. These agreements help limit the financial impact that unexpected issues have on property owners. However, homeowners must maintain uphold their end of these agreements in order for warranties to remain valid. Most manufacturer-issued warranties mandate that homeowners have regular, professional maintenance performed. Manufacturers have the ability to void warranties if people do not honor this requirement. Thus, it is wise to set up annual maintenance and inspections for your home furnace and to additionally save all records of these visits for any necessary future reference. If the manufacturer of your furnace ever asks for proof of routine maintenance, you can always refer to the documents you’ve saved.

How Often Should Furnace Tune-Ups Be Performed?

Have you set up your annual home furnace maintenance already? Fall is the perfect time to take care of this given that the outdoor temperatures are fairly mild and the demand for service is still moderate. It’s never a good idea to wait until winter. Call a trusted HVAC company now to set up your yearly visit.


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