Benefits Of Using BioFuel

If you are reading this, it is safe to assume that you know one or two things about biofuel already. However, in case you are not familiar with biofuel and its numerous benefits, this is the perfect time to introduce this it to you.

In many parts of the US today, the emphasis is on renewable energy. Fossil fuels like coal are bad for the environment. Environmental concern is why many agencies promote clean and green sources of energy.

Connecticut has passed many laws to encourage the use of biofuel. Below are some of the benefits that come from using biofuel and why you should consider this option for your home.

It Is Renewable

biodieselOne of the best things about biofuel is that it is renewable. Now, this is a significant advantage because biofuel sources will last forever. As you probably know, the primary sources of biofuel are crops like corn, sesame, linseed, soybean, and sunflower.

Producing biofuel is a simple matter of processing sunflower oil, linseed oil, soybean oil, and sesame seed oil, and corn oil. As long as these crops grow locally, there will be a plentiful supply of biofuel. This aspect of using biofuel implies that you will have an endless and inexhaustible supply of biofuel at your fingertips.

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Low Price

If you are getting your energy from nuclear energy or coal, you might be paying a very high price. The process of transforming coal into energy is quite expensive. Nuclear power also comes with many risk factors. These risk factors include a nuclear disaster or the misuse of nuclear energy. If you stick to biofuel, these risk factors do not exist. Biofuel is cheap and safe and therefore a practical option to use at home.

Clean And Safe

By switching to biofuel, you will enjoy many advantages. Biofuel is clean and safe because it has a low-sulfur content and it is energy-efficient. It burns cleaner when compared to fossil fuel options. Using biofuel enhances the life of your equipment and saves you money.

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Biofuel Advantage

BioHeat biofuelBy using biofuel to heat your home, you will enjoy many benefits. Before discussing these advantages, you should understand where your Bioheat® fuel comes from and how it is produced.

When you combine biodiesel fuel with conventional heating oil, you get biofuel. You can use this to heat your home or office because it is excellent for your heating system. The best thing about Bioheat® fuel is that you can use it without modifying your heating equipment or storage tank.

Great For The Environment

If you are keen on environmental protection, biofuel is the perfect option for you. It cuts down on sulfur dioxide emissions by almost 100 percent. This low-sulfur option makes your homes or office more environmentally friendly.

Bioheat® Fuel: The Connecticut Way

The University of Connecticut uses about 4,000 gallons of waste cooking oil every year. Now, this oil is not wasted because it is used to produce approximately 2,000 gallons of biofuel. In 2016, for instance, Connecticut produced about 324 million gallons of biofuel. This reduced the carbon dioxide emissions in the state by approximately 427 million pounds.

The best thing about biofuel the Connecticut way is that it is reliable. The companies producing the biofuel are located in Connecticut, and this is why people who need this product always get their Bioheat® fuel without any problem. Already, 43 percent of all the homes in Connecticut are enjoying the benefits of Bioheat® oil, and about 600,000 homes in this state use Bioheat® oil to keep their homes warm and comfortable.

Final Word

If you are using biofuel to heat your homes, you will enjoy all the benefits discussed above. Connecticut has blazed the trail, making biofuel readily available for households to use.

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