New State Biofuel Laws Make It Easy For Homeowners To Save On Energy Costs

biofuelConnecticut recently passed a new law concerning heating oil. The rule enables homeowners to save hundreds of dollars annually on heating their home. Bioheat® biofuel, in particular, benefits homeowners in many ways.

The New Connecticut Law Regarding BioFuel

Connecticut has always been on the forefront of providing fuel with lower sulfur emissions. The state’s vow to use a better type of fuel isn’t new. However, on July 1, 2018, it complied with the national laws for even more sulfur reduction in heating oil. In a state-by-state comparison, Connecticut has one of the least amounts of sulfur emissions in its biofuel supply.

Back in 2014, the percentage of sulfur allowed for domestic oil was 500 parts per million (ppm). Now, the maximum amount of sulfur contained in Connecticut’s heating oil is 15 ppm. This drop is a drastic reduction of burning sulfur in its fuel heating supply. It also shows a commitment on the state’s part to preserve energy and promote a cleaner atmosphere. The community breathes cleaner air, lowers vehicle emissions pollution, and best of all, saves money in the process!

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Bioheat® Fuel Is Clean Energy

home heatingBiofuel is renewable energy. Its composition consists of one or more of the following natural sources: soybean oil, animal fats, linseed oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil, and excess unused restaurant vegetable cooking oil. The mixture is blended and becomes a low sulfur heating oil called biodiesel fuel or biofuel. Bioheat® is a brand of heating oil fuel made with biodiesel. The amount of biodiesel in the fuel typically ranges from B2 to B20. A B5 Bioheat® fuel contains five percent biodiesel, for example. This blend of natural heating oil has proven to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions. Therefore, it’s safer for your home and the environment.

Bioheat® Heating Oil Fuel Is Affordable

There is a misconception that BioHeat biofuel is costly. The truth is it’s both affordable and reliable. Businesses, educational institutions, public utilities, and others have already saved money by using heating oil as their fuel source. Thanks to the new laws and incentives, homeowners are starting to jump on board also.

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Affordable Cleaner Energy In The USA

Since biofuel is grown locally in Connecticut,  it encourages jobs and fosters economic growth. There’s less dependence on foreign fuel when Bioheat® fuel is used to heat homes. By contrast, higher sulfur fuel costs more, dirties up the air with dangerous emissions, and fosters dependence on other countries.

Less Fuel, Warmer, Safer Home

Homeowners that use heating oil experience warmth without the side effects of dangerous emissions. It’s safer than a natural gas heating system that can release high levels of carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) heavily in the air and without warning.

Natural gas contains generous amounts of sulfur. This aspect of using gas is dangerous to breathe in, and it’s no secret that it can be lethal. Some suppliers have added even more sulfur to the supply to make it more lubricant. Not so with Connecticut’s Bioheat® fuel. It’s the safest choice!

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Bioheat® Equals Longer Lasting Heating Equipment

Replacing heating equipment can be expensive. Because Bioheat® biofuel has a reduced sulfur content, it makes heating equipment run cleaner, faster, and requires less maintenance. Therefore, the new law means that homeowners can extend the life of their heating equipment. This aspect saves homeowners on furnace repair costs when compared with using other energy heating methods.

How to Take Advantage of Connecticut’s Upgrade And Save Program

BioHeatConnecticut offers many incentives to homeowners who wish to take advantage of Bioheat® biofuel, especially when upgrading their heating equipment. Find out more by visiting its Upgrade and Save Program at

The state has rebate offers up to $650 on heating equipment such as water heaters, oil heated boilers, heaters, oil-fired furnaces, and certain types of safety tanks. The best news is the Bioheat® biofuel works with the heating equipment you already have. It’s nice to know though, that if you want or need to upgrade, you can save even more due to the technology and quality based on it only being new.

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It’s Easy For Homeowners To Start Or Continue Using Bioheat®

Bioheat® is available right now and you can review your options. The first step is to contact, Wilcox Energy, an authorized dealer, for a free quote. Schedule a home inspection, and we’ll discuss the ways you can benefit from annual savings on your residential home energy supply. Call us today to find out more!

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