Bioheat: the future of heating oil

Bioheat Heating Oil: Low Carbon, Renewable Fuel Is Here!

Wilcox Energy Is Leading The Charge To A Carbon Net-Zero Environment!

Wilcox Energy is helping CT homeowners reduce their carbon footprint and become carbon neutral through the use of Bioheat heating oil. We lead the industry in the revolutionary use of this low sulfur, low carbon, heating oil blended with 100% renewable BioDiesel.

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Low Carbon Renewable Fuel:
It’s what we deliver

We are reducing your carbon footprint. Wilcox Energy has adopted a new standard for the heating fuel we deliver to your home. Our heating fuel is made of ultra-low sulfur, low carbon, heating oil blended with 100% renewable BioDiesel. It’s called Bioheat and if you are a Wilcox Energy customer, it’s already in your tank.

Going green. We recognize that keeping warm is a necessity, we’ve built our business on that. But slowing climate change is also necessary. That is why Wilcox Energy leads the industry in adapting our business to do both.

What is Biodiesel? Biodiesel is made of 100% renewable resources, primarily soybean oil, but also recycled vegetable grease and animal fats. Much of it is made right here in Connecticut, creating local jobs with true green energy right here at home.

No expensive system modifications. Switching to Bioheat heating oil requires you to do nothing to your existing equipment. This is great news! Bioheat simply works with your existing equipment with no modifications needed.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Today’s Heating Oil: Bioheat. The cleaner side of warm!

Bioheat burns cleaner than traditional heating oil. Not only are emissions cleaner, Bioheat increases the efficiency of your heating system and increases its life as well. With zero investment or system upgrades, we are already doing our part together to protect our planet’s resources.

Bioheat represents our industry’s commitment to the future of our planet. One company cannot make enough difference, but with all heating oil dealers uniting and making a commitment to reduce our carbon footprint, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and use renewable resources, we can & will make a difference.

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Bioheat Heating Oil FAQs

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