Simple Tips For Pet Owners To Improve Their Indoor Air Quality

cat and dog depicting their impact on indoor air quality in home

Having a pet can greatly add to your enjoyment and quality of life. Feline and canine companions, among others, help give great comfort and socialization for many people around the world. Forming a bond with an animal can be very beneficial and valuable. The unfortunate downside to owning a long-haired or furry animal is that it can decrease your indoor air quality (IAQ). With a few simple tips, you can avoid some of the issues that come with bad air quality and cats and dogs. These tips will allow you to sustain a pure and healthy living environment.

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Why Indoor Air Quality Is A Concern When You Own A Pet

Besides owning a pet, there are other factors that impact your IAQ. For example, using a lot of spray cleaners with harmful chemicals indoors with central air conditioning will have a harmful effect on the air in that space. Instead of harmful chemicals floating around, pets raise the number of airborne particulates. This includes particulates such as pet dander, fur, and other substances that can be polluting the air in your home. In addition, these particulates also have the potential to harm all heating, cooling, ventilation, and air filtration equipment. It is essential that pet owners take care of their indoor air to make sure it is clean and safe.

People with pet allergies or existing respiratory conditions are likely to be irritated by the airborne particulates caused by pets. Someone who has COPD or asthma can be greatly affected by excess pet dander floating around. Keeping your air clean of surplus pet particulates will keep you and anyone who comes in your home safe.

Optimum Indoor Air Quality Starts With Excellent HVAC Filtration

replacing HVAC filter

Making sure your HVAC system is filtrating correctly is the best thing pet owners can do to improve their indoor air quality. Air filters are important because they sift out tiny particulates that tend to float through a home. In turn it causes the people living in the home to breathe in the indoor air pollutants. So it is necessary to routinely change and replace your air filters. When they become filled with accumulated debris, the particulates can be re-released into the air in the home. Therefore, fewer allergens will be picked up.

All the particulates will eventually cause the HVAC system to stop working efficiently. In some cases, it may stop working completely. If you have at least one pet living in your home, you will find that your HVAC air filter will most likely need a replacement around every 30 to 45 days. But the best way to know is to check your HVAC air filter often to determine when you need to replace it.

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Practice Good Pet Grooming

image of a person grooming a cat to reduce pet dander

Another essential task is to make sure you routinely groom your cat or dog. Performing cat and dog grooming on a regular basis will help reduce shedding. Other areas you should frequently clean include, litter boxes, kennels, and other functional, play, or holding areas that your animal uses. The fewer pet messes in your home, the less your lungs will have to deal with invisible particulates. A quality and powerful vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter is essential, even if your home doesn’t have carpeting. A good vacuum with attachments is great for collecting pet hairs, pet dander, and other allergens from fabric items like rugs, drapes, and upholstered furnishings.

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How UV Lights And Dehumidifiers Can Help Pet Owners Improve Their IAQ

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Another way to keep your indoor air clean and purified besides having an HVAC filter is using UV lighting. Even though pets can bring so much joy into your life, you need to understand that they are capable of carrying and transmitting so many germs. A short trip outside can bring in microorganisms on your pet’s paws. These organisms are potentially harmful and when brought into your home, they can become airborne.

UV lights are a solution to this problem. They can eliminate mold, bacteria, and other pollutants before these issues become a major obstacle. The UV lights are installed by an HVAC contractor right in HVAC ductwork or near the system’s evaporator coil. They have no harmful impact on human residents or pets because they are not in the living area.

If you have high levels of humidity in your home, this is something to look at as well. Humidity can cause excess indoor moisture that shows up as condensation on windows or mold in the corners of window sills. To help your HVAC system better manage its indoor climate control, install a whole-house dehumidifier. Mold can be dangerous to the health of pets the same way it is to humans. Excess humidity is a serious problem that you should be dealt with. Talk to your HVAC contractor to see if a whole-house air purifier will improve your air quality in your home.


The Importance Of Performing Regular HVAC Ductwork Inspections

Having regular ductwork inspections performed is another way to improve your IAQ. Ductwork is a prime breeding ground for harmful mold. They can also have lots of trapped dirt, dander, and other debris. Any damaged sections can cause your HVAC equipment to function incorrectly and possibly create problems with excess humidity. To protect the health of your home and the people in it, have your ductwork inspected to improve your air quality.
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Tuning Your HVAC System Up For Optimum Efficiency

When you have your ductwork inspected, make sure you have a tune up on your HVAC system as well. Having these inspections and maintenance services done help to extend the life of home heating and cooling systems greatly. To get a long life out of these systems the HVAC tune-ups need to be performed regularly. They will also help you get the most value and life from this essential home equipment. Proper temperature control and humidity control can be confirmed with HVAC maintenance. Maintaining excellent air quality with your furry friends is possible with a great HVAC system and air filtration.


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