Why A Ductless HVAC System Might Be A Good Option For You

ductless heating and coolingThe modern home relies heavily on its HVAC system to keep a certain level of comfort and safety. Unfortunately, HVAC systems typically consume plenty of energy. Furthermore, basic HVAC systems keep a uniform temperature throughout the home. Consequently, some occupants feel more comfortable than others.

So what should be done? The best solution is to install a system that cools or warms air when and where necessary, is quiet, and cost-efficient. The ductless HVAC system is precisely that.

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Why Choose A Ductless HVAC System Killingworth CT

There are several advantages that ductless HVAC systems offer, regardless of your location and the prevailing weather conditions in your area. Here are just some of the benefits you can enjoy:

Ductless Systems Deliver Quiet Operation

The components of the ductless system are outside the home. This feature means that the components that make a sound when the system is in operation will not affect the interior of the house with noise. Homes with ductless systems typically enjoy relative peace and quiet even when the system is running. This feature is especially helpful at night when members of the household want a good night’s rest.

During the daytime, on the other hand, you can also expect a ductless system to produce a minimum amount of noise. There is no need to raise your voice or turn up the volume of the TV and radio. Quiet ductless systems operate smoothly without the annoying hum that is common with traditional forced air systems.

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Ductless HVAC Comes With Easy & Unobtrusive Installation

ductless HVAC system installationDuctless systems are easier to install compared to forced air systems. Experienced and trained HVAC contractors can complete the job in just a day. Ductless systems do not require tearing down ceilings and walls to get the system in place. A duct-based system, however, will require extensive construction work.

Another excellent advantage of ductless systems is that they are adaptable. You have the option to install a unit in each room of your home or only in areas where comfort is a priority. You do not even have to install all the units right away. With ductless systems, you have better control over your environment.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality With Ductless Systems

Ductless systems have built-in advanced filtration technology that keeps the unit clean and efficient. Since the unit does not require more frequent cleaning, it is much easier to maintain. Traditional HVAC systems, on the other hand, collect more dirt within a shorter period of time, requiring costly professional cleaning more often. With advanced filtration technology, ductless systems can clean the air, reducing indoor air pollutants. A healthy Indoor air quality is maintained.

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Improve The Comfort In Your Killingworth Home

energy efficiencyTraditional HVAC systems often require household members to contend with a uniform temperature throughout the home. With ductless systems, it is possible to set different temperatures for different rooms or zones. For example, you could set the temperature in the kitchen at a lower level and set the bedroom temperature at a higher level to keep your family comfortable.

Ductless systems offer excellent all-around comfort and convenience. They are capable of delivering clean, cool/warm air exactly where it is needed. With a ductless system, you do not need to compromise the comfort of your home because it can offer precisely what you need.

Ductless Systems Help Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Ductless systems are designed to produce as low a carbon footprint. You can, for example, optimize the use of the system through total control of the temperature within the home. You could even turn it off in rooms that are unoccupied to save energy. As such, you do not consume a lot of energy and save money at the same time.

Ductless systems also do not consume a lot of energy like traditional HVAC systems. Even if you use the system throughout the house, you are likely to be using less energy than you would if you were using a duct-based system.

Save Money On Your Killingworth Energy Bills

A ductless mini-split can help save as much as 30% off your energy bill. It is not only environment-friendly, but it can also potentially help you increase your savings from a financial standpoint.

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Unlike traditional systems, ductless systems do not require complicated and costly setup and installation. It is the best option for people who want to combine comfort, convenience, and cost-savings. It is an excellent system for those who want to utilize a heating and cooling unit that is environment-friendly as well. Ductless systems are quiet, easy to install and provide clean air for a healthy and comfortable home.

At Wilcox Energy, we make sure that you have the best options in heating and cooling. Our professional NATE-certified HVAC technicians are trained and experienced in providing you with the right service when and where you need it. We offer affordable HVAC installation services, tune-ups, and repairs. If you want to find out how a ductless system can make your home more comfortable, call Wilcox Energy for a free consultation and estimate today.

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