5 Reasons Why Your Furnace Keeps Tripping Your Circuit Breaker

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Every furnace is dependent in part upon electricity for normal operation. Consequently, if the circuit breaker trips, your home heating equipment can come to a stop. Your entire household will be vulnerable to the cold. Simply resetting the furnace should be sufficient for restoring normal functioning if this is the result of a rare surge in power. If the furnace trips circuit breaker repeatedly, however, then resetting the circuit breaker isn’t going to suffice. Consequently, this is a potentially dangerous problem that warrants a much deeper inspection. You have to identify the source of the issue and arrive at the proper, permanent solution by working with an HVAC expert. Keep reading to learn more about this common home heating problem.

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Why Does My Home Furnace Require Electricity?

Even though a furnace largely relies on fuel for heating the indoor air, several components do need electricity. Therefore, turning the power supply off will prevent the entire system from functioning as it should. It has to have uninterrupted electricity for truly superior results.

The Blower Motor In Your Home Furnace

Every home furnace has an electrically powered blower motor. This is what sends the warm air throughout the home. However, if the power goes off, this motor will stop, and warm air will stay near the furnace rather than being circulated throughout the building.

Electric Ignition

Most old furnaces have pilot lights for ignition. Systems like these have been replaced in modern heaters with electronic or electric ignition. However, while electric ignitions are significantly more reliable, they are also reliant upon electricity. Without power, consequently, you aren’t going to be able to turn the furnace on.

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6 Reasons Why Your Home Furnace Is Regularly Tripping The Circuit Breaker

1. The Furnace Filter Is Clogged

Your furnace might be working overtime if the unit has a clogged filter. Dirt inhibits the free flow of air, and thus, the system has to compensate by using additional power to improve its use. The resulting circuit overload will trip the breaker. Check the filter in your HVAC system and replace or clean it as needed. You should check your filter monthly and should always replace it when dirty.

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2. Air Registers Or Events That Are Blocked

You can experience this same problem if there are blocked air registers or air vents anywhere throughout the system. In this situation, the furnace is going to start working much harder to generate heat. Thereby, it uses an abundance of power along the way. Find out if anything like the curtains or nearby furnishings are blocking the vents. To restore proper airflow, be sure to move these things out of the way.

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3. Your Furnace Motor Is Having Issues

It could be that the actual furnace motor is faulty. After many years of service, the wiring might be wearing down. This can lead to shorts and various other problems that can cause the circuit breaker to trip. Get in touch with an HVAC company to have a faulty motor replaced right away. This is an issue that routine HVAC maintenance can prevent going forward.

4. Leaky HVAC Ductwork

Air leaks will make your heating system inefficient as it continuously loses heated air. The furnace will have to work twice as hard to replace this lost air. This added workload can cause the circuit breaker to trip.

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5. You Need To Repair Your Electric Panel

There are times when the furnace has absolutely nothing to do with the issue and you need to check other factors. It could be that the electrical panel itself is the source of your problem. A professional should repair a faulty electrical panel right away.

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6. You Have A Shared Circuit That’s Overloaded

Your home furnace draws a considerable amount of power. It should be isolated on its own circuit, given that sharing a circuit with other appliances will likely result in overloading. Keep power tools, lights, and any other appliances in your home away from the circuit for your furnace.

What To Do If Your Furnace Starts Tripping the Circuit Breaker

1. Take A Look At The Air Filter

Make a point of regularly checking the air filter. Dirt can start accumulating on this component. If too much debris accumulates before you clean or change the filter, airflow will decline.

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2. Check To Ensure That The HVAC Air Registers or Vents Aren’t Obstructed

Move any curtains, furnishings, or other items that could be blocking the air vents. Also, keep air registers open in every room, even in rooms that aren’t actively in use.

3. Schedule A Professional Ductwork Inspection By Contacting A Local HVAC Contractor

Ductwork requires a high level of maintenance. Call a local HVAC company to have a professional inspection and cleaning service performed as needed. Trained HVAC technicians can conduct these services quickly and efficiently.

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4. Call An HVAC Company To Schedule Necessary Furnace Repairs

A novice working on your home furnace can cause way more damage than good. You may believe that you’re saving cash by attempting to handle repairs on your own, but you could end up spending a lot more in the long run. A professional that offers reliable and ultra-rapid solutions should address electrical problems affecting your furnace.

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Issues with the circuit breaker can be very serious. If the circuit breaker keeps tripping as the result of your furnace, take the time to check for a few common causes. Don’t leave the problem unchecked as issues with overloading can result in fires and other serious hazards. Maintain your peace of mind by getting professional help right away.

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