Heater Maintenance: What To Look Out For During The Winter

In winter, your life is much better off with a heater that works well. This is why the heater needs to be installed and maintained professionally. Doing so will help avoid any mishaps or accidents that can happen during the cold season. In this article, we will cover the necessary steps to getting a fully functional heater that will never compromise your family’s safety, comfort and health.

Your Heater Needs To Be Serviced Regularly

home who needs heater maintenance Old Saybrook CTWhen it comes to the heater in winter, every homeowner needs to have it professionally maintained. This will make it more efficient which reduces home heating costs. At the same time, maintaining your heating system will make it run more effectively. This helps your system keep your home far more comfortable than a system that is poorly maintained. Part of the maintenance includes your oil tank. Listed below are the signs of an oil tank that is in need of attention:

  • Rust buildup
  • Weather worn
  • Obvious neglect or poor maintenance

If you haven’t scheduled a heater maintenance visit yet at this point, it’s better late than never. A heating professional will be able to help you get your system working at its best. A heating system tube-up needs to be conducted by a professional. It is not a DIY project. Don’t take chances with the heater’s condition unless you are an experienced and certified HVAC technician.

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How To Detect Oil Leaks And Tank Warning Signs

One of the warning signs that your home heater is in trouble is when the oil tank leaks. The deterioration begins in tiny slits in the heater’s oil tank which are hard to detect for the untrained eye. All the more reason to need an HVAC specialist. You only see the signs of damage once they have considerably worsened and these are:

  • Water inside the heater’s oil reservoir
  • Oil on your floor
  • Your energy bill has skyrocketed for no reason
  • You can smell oil near your tank

If you notice any of these signs, be sure to contact a professional heating company immediately. They will be able to get your system back to where it needs to be.

Refill Your Heater’s Oil Tank

The heater depends on the oil inside the reservoir to keep it going. Therefore, make sure that your tank never runs out. The three-quarter rule is a good guide to follow. An empty tank promotes a slew of issues such as water building up inside of the tank, corrosion, and much more. Therefore, it is important that you schedule deliveries to avoid this.

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Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Improving the energy efficiency levels of your home also helps your heating system. Heater performance can be improved further by investing in a dependable programmable thermostat. Make sure that you have proper home insulation, energy-efficient windows and doors, and make sure that you seal any drafty areas of your home. When you do this, then your heater does not have to work as hard. This is a great way to reduce your home heating costs as well as promote the comfort in your home.

Replacing Air Filters

Just like the human respiratory system, the heater depends to a great extent on clean and unblocked air passages in order for the air to circulate effectively around the house. Any blockade in the network can hurt the overall efficiency of the heater that you depend on. Also, bear in mind that you only have one heater in the house. Therefore, be sure to check your filter frequently. Change it out when it is dirty even if it is before the amount of time that the packaging claims that it will last.


Heater Maintenance Old Saybrook CT

When there is only one heater in the home, maintaining it properly becomes an all-important responsibility. There are ways to keep your heater in optimum condition. The most important thing is to always be on top of performing all the necessary maintenance and repairs. This will make your heating system work efficiently because it will reduce your energy bills. Furthermore, it will keep your home nice and comfortable during the winter.

Be sure to get a hold of an experienced and professional HVAC company. Wilcox Energy specializes in heating system tune-ups, maintenance, and repairs. Give us a call to schedule an annual heating system tune-up. We also offer heating oil delivery and propane delivery in your area.

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