How Much Heating Oil Will I Use A Day?

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If you utilize a heating oil system in your home, you must make certain that you have enough fuel oil in your heating oil tank. After all, it is what keeps your home warm during the winter season. Knowing the quantity of heating oil you use daily will help you know if you have enough to last you throughout the winter and when you may need to schedule a heating oil delivery. Therefore, you might be wondering, “How much heating oil will I use a day?” This article includes a discussion of this common question.

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Factors That Affect How Much Heating Oil You Will Use Per Day

Here are several factors that impact your use of heating oil:

Your Home’s Size & Design

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The size and design of your home affect the amount of heating oil your home needs. Smaller homes require less heat than larger ones. The ambient temperature could be the same but homes with higher square footage will use more heating oil.

Another crucial factor is the home’s design. Your home heating needs depend not only on the size of your home but also on the total volume of the interior space. Other factors affecting fuel consumption are the quality of insulation and wall thickness.

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Ambient Temperature

Another aspect that significantly impacts how much fuel you use is the area’s ambient temperature. Colder temperatures mean an increase in your daily heating oil consumption. Even a decrease of 15 degrees Fahrenheit might lead to doubling your oil use.

Condition Of The Oil Furnace

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Your oil furnace must be clean and well-maintained for it to run efficiently. Be sure to schedule a professional HVAC tune-up it annually, especially before the cold season sets in. Remember that an efficient heating unit uses less oil to operate.

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Heating Oil Consumption – Based On Temperature

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The average capacity of a storage oil tank is 275 gallons. A typical home consumes 2 gallons of oil a day when the local temperature is about 50-degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, a full tank will be enough to heat your home for around 137.5 days or four and a half months. This means that a full tank is enough to get you through the whole winter season.

Unfortunately, fluctuations in temperature happen during the cold months. Temperature drops result in higher heating oil consumption. Hence, a typical 40-degree day uses approximately 3.7 gallons of heating oil. If the temperature stays the same, a full tank will only be enough for 74 days or two and a half months.

Sometimes, the temperature could drop to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, a typical home consumes 7 gallons of oil a day. A full tank will last only 39 days if the temperature is consistent.

In general, we will see the temperatures fluctuate from the 20s to 40s during the cold season and average at 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, the average home utilizes around 5.3 gallons of heating oil per day. This means that a full tank will last about 52 days or one month and three weeks.

A 275-gallon tank can usually support a typical home. If your home is equipped with a smaller tank, you must estimate your fuel use and needs, as these will help you determine when you need to order more heating oil.

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Estimate Your Heating Oil Requirements Based On Historical Statistics

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You can calculate your home’s average fuel oil consumption by using your previous heating bills. However, this is only possible if you’ve lived in your home for several years. Keep a record of your fuel consumption per year. This information will be helpful in learning about your yearly, monthly, and daily heating oil consumption values.

If you moved to a new neighborhood, look for similarly-sized houses nearby. You can determine your home’s oil requirements by asking your neighbors how much oil they use. You can also call the nearest heating oil provider to get an estimate.

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Average Heating Oil Usage – Based On Square Footage

Another aspect that affects your average heating oil usage is the size of your house. In the United States, the average home has a size of 2,687 square feet. Your home might be smaller or larger than this.

Remember that for every 1,000 square feet of space in your house, you need these estimates relative to the average outside temperature:

  • 10 degrees Fahrenheit: 3.27 gallons
  • 20 degrees Fahrenheit: 2.67 gallons
  • 30 degrees Fahrenheit: 2.07 gallons
  • 40 degrees Fahrenheit: 1.47 gallons
  • 50 degrees Fahrenheit: 0.87 gallons

For instance, the size of your home is 3,500 square feet. You will need 3.5 times the average requirements above. Therefore, you need around 5.15 gallons of heating oil on a typical 40-degree day.

Heating Oil For Water Heaters

image of an oil water heater in a boiler room

Heating oil, natural gas, electricity, and propane are typically used to power water heaters. The calculation needs adjustments if heating oil is used to power your space heater and water heater. After all, water heaters use approximately 0.5 to 1.0 gallons of heating oil a day. This amount is dependent on how large your house is and the number of occupants showering daily.

Final Word

The temperature, house size, and historical statistics can be used to figure out how much heating oil you need per day. You can also call the local heating oil supply company for an educated estimate, especially if you recently moved to the neighborhood.


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