Why Bio Fuel, Wind, & Solar Energy Can Lead To Sustainable Energy Use

image of hands and plants and globe depicting sustainable energyIn order to reduce our carbon footprint, the country needs to move towards sustainable energy sources. Fueling homes with sustainable energy is a major goal designed to preserve and protect the environment.

Scientists and startups from around the globe are focusing on this pressing problem. Using renewable energy sources such as water, wind, the sun, and biofuel is a way to create clean, green energy that gets naturally replenished on a consistent basis.

In this article we will explore:

  • What is a sustainable energy
  • Three types of sustainable energy sources
  • How Wilcox Energy is leading the charge in the heating industry
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What Is Sustainable Energy?

Sustainable energy is considered an energy source that can fulfill our current energy needs. It can accomplish this without compromising future generations. These sources must be derived from an energy source that can continue to provide energy without depletion.

There is an abundance of sustainable energy sources available to power, heat, and cool homes. Regardless of the type of sustainable energy used, the goal is to become carbon neutral while still having the same level of comfort that we are accustomed to.

Types Of Energy Sources That Are Considered Sustainable

The plan of moving away from traditional fuel sources and toward sustainable energy sources is necessary to protect the Earth from climate change and other potential environmental disasters.

The following three energy sources are sustainable and low carbon footprint impact.

Bio Heating Oil

Bio heating oil is made from a blend of biodiesel and #2heating oil. Biodiesel comes from soy plant products. Currently, Wilcox Energy offers a B20 blend, meaning that it is made up of 20% biodiesel. Although it is not 100% sustainable today, significant strides will come in the near future. Sooner than later, the entire oil industry will move towards a 100% soy-based biodiesel product.

Once we hit a B100 blend (100% soy-based biodiesel), we will then have a 100% bio heating oil blend. This is referred to as a B100 blend. At that time, Bioheat® fuel will be truly a sustainable fuel heating product.

The industry is targeting 2050 as the goal to reach this point. We are well ahead of schedule at Wilcox Energy and look forward to the day that we can proudly say we are delivering a truly sustainable and eco-friendly fuel source that is carbon neutral.

The best part about this solution is that our customers do not need to change their heating system equipment. Our bio blends are designed to work seamlessly with your existing furnace or boiler. Therefore, there are no expensive conversion costs or electrification needs. And, you still have the same level of heating comfort that you are already accustomed to.

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Solar energy makes use of solar photovoltaic cells that are mounted on your homes roof. These cells collect the sunlight converted into electricity and store that power in a bank of batteries. There are improvements to this technology, making it more affordable. And, as time progresses, this should become even more affordable.

However, if you currently heat your home with a boiler or furnace and not a heat pump, solar energy solutions will not work without an expensive equipment upgrade.

In other words, if you currently heat your home with oil (biofuel), propane, or natural gas, you will need to replace your current heating equipment with an electric heat pump in order to be 100% solar powered. There is a significant cost in this conversion as well as the cost of the solar panel installation.

And, in extremely cold situations, electric heat pumps don’t perform as well as traditional fuel boilers and furnaces.

Solar is a sustainable energy source that can be utilized today in an individual’s home as long as you are prepared to make a substantial financial investment.

Hydro Electric

image of a dam depicting hydroelectric power

Hydroelectricity is not a sustainable source that you install in your individual house. Rather, this is a sustainable energy source that is harvested at the utility company’s level. There is not much you can do as an individual to dictate the use of hydroelectric within your own home other than becoming aware of what your current utility company is doing.

If you happen to live in a region where hydroelectricity is being used, chances are it makes up a fairly small percentage of the total power generation for that utility company.

And, as is the case with solar energy, if you currently heat your home with a natural gas, oil, or propane heating system, you will need to do a complete equipment replacement to convert to electricity in order to take advantage of hydroelectric sustainable energy.

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Wilcox Energy Is Leading The Charge For Reducing Carbon Footprints & Delivering Sustainable Fuel Sources For Our Clients

By utilizing a bio blend, you are helping reduce carbon emissions. Furthermore, as we improve our blends, your heating fuel is becoming closer to 100% sustainable energy at NO ADDED equipment cost or special changes needed in your home.

Wilcox Energy is currently ahead of pace and plans to deliver 100% biofuel prior to the industry and government target date of 2050.

Benefits of Continue To Use Our BioFuel Solution To Heat Your Home:

  • Increased Heating System Efficiency
  • No Expensive Heating Equipment Upgrades Needed
  • No Added Cost To You
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