What Is Renewable Energy?

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Compliments of the adverse effects on the environment due to global warming and pollution, governments across the nations are quickly embracing the renewable energy sources that are typically more affordable, environmentally friendly, sustainable, and easily located. Here is a more in-depth look at renewable energy and the many benefits that come with it.

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Overview Of Renewable Energy

Per the Natural Resources Defense Council or NRDC, the kind of energy that is renewable is readily available via natural processes and sources. These sources are readily replenished, enabling access to a constant supply.1 In this fashion, energy is guaranteed because these sources do not run out, regardless of how much energy is used.

There are a variety of examples of renewable energy resources. These include sunshine, wind, biomass, and geothermal energy. Of course, while it’s readily available, there are going to be times that the amount of energy generated from some of these sources is dependent upon weather patterns and timing. Unfortunately, this may make some of these sources somewhat unreliable.

A good example is this aspect is solar energy, which is readily available on sunny days. However, less energy will be generated at night and on cloudy days. You’ll be generating far more solar energy when the sun is brightly shining. Solar panels cannot generate as much energy on cloudy days or during the long fall and winter months. To further complicate things, the average homeowner is going to find that the cost of converting to solar energy is rather high. Thus, this option may not work well for everyone. However, there are some resolutions. Bioheat® heating oil is a liquid renewable energy source that works well for heating homes that already use oilheat.

Bioheat® Heating Oil: A Liquid Renewable Fuel

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As mentioned above, Bioheat® fuel oil is produced via organic resources and recycled products. It’s non-toxic and it’s also biodegradable. It’s readily used in many heating systems that require oil to generate heat. One of the biggest advantages is that Bioheat® heating oil is nonexplosive when it’s in liquid form. Thus, it’s also very safe. Keeping this in mind, it’s an ideal renewable source of energy and it also offers the following benefits:

Bioheat® Heating Oil Is Clean

Using this biodiesel and ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ULSHO) blend means that there’s a reduction in greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. These gases are quite harmful to the environment and lead to adverse effects such as global warming and climate change. When inhaled, such gases may be harmful to humans and animals. However, this heating oil blend offers combustion that is clean, making it much safer for the environment. When using Bioheat® fuel oil, you can reduce your carbon footprint.

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Bioheat® Fuel Is Inexhaustible

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Thanks to the fact that Bioheat® heating oil is a renewable energy source, it’s inexhaustible. Thus, it can sustain long-term use, making it a dependable energy source.

Reduces Pollution

In today’s modern era, many are seeking to find ways to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce pollution. Bioheat® heating oil reduces greenhouse gas emissions and produces less soot. Other fuels like natural gas and propane cannot make this claim, making Bioheat® heating oil more eco-friendly than its counterparts. By using this liquid renewable energy fuel, you are helping conserve the environment and reduce global warming.

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Bioheat® Heating Oil Is Non-Toxic

On average, renewable energy doesn’t emit poisonous gases into the atmosphere during combustion. As an example, Bioheat® fuel oil, which Wilcox Energy delivers, has very low levels of sulfur, greatly reducing the risk of toxicity. Oil heat systems also have safety features in place that ensure that prevent waste gases are not released into the atmosphere. These two aspects are an excellent way to ensure the safety and well-being of you and your loved ones.

Bioheat® Fuel Is Affordable

At present, there is a myriad of energy sources. More people today are embracing renewable energy sources including the use of Bioheat® heating oil. As a result, the competition in the energy industry is stiff, helping to lower the cost of renewable energy.2

Unfortunately, the cost of the conversion of renewable energy sources is still out of reach for a lot of people. Solar panels for a home that’s only 1500 square feet is still approximately $18,500 for 6kW solar panels.3

Fortunately, Bioheat® heating oil doesn’t come with any additional fees like many of the other forms of renewable energy. It doesn’t cost more than traditional #2 home heating oil. This makes it far more cost-effective for homeowners to achieve a more environmentally friendly home. Furthermore, they don’t have to make modifications to their current heating equipment to take advantage of this liquid renewable fuel. It’s a win-win situation for both the homeowner and the energy industry.

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Bioheat® Fuel Oil Promotes Energy Dependence

Since Bioheat® heating oil is blended with biodiesel, which is comprised of plant and animal oils, all of the ingredients are naturally sourced. There’s no need to import anything from other countries. The farmers themselves in the U.S. greatly benefit from the higher demand for Bioheat® heating oil. It keeps jobs in the U.S. and helps to improve farmer’s incomes.


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In terms of how well it performs, Bioheat® heating oil is ideal. It’s very efficient and offers a cleaner burn. It will help to reduce any build-up in your heating system Thus, it can reduce the number of times that your heating system must be cleaned or inspected. However, all HVAC experts will agree that scheduling an annual heating system tune-up is still mandatory to ensure efficient and safe operation.

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Bioheat® heating oil is non-flammable when it’s in liquid form and it has to be heated to a high temperature to evaporate before burning. This helps to ensure safety so that it won’t explode if it comes in contact with a spark. The same cannot be said of solar panels that use high voltages and, therefore, must be handled with great care. Preventative measures must be put in place to avoid the possibility of electrocution. With that being said, Bioheat® fuel is a safer option for your heating needs.


There are many great advantages of using renewable energy when heating your home. Bioheat® heating oil is a liquid renewable fuel that has a variety of benefits. It is clean, safe, sustainable, dependable, efficient, economical, and more. Give Wilcox Energy a call today to learn more about Bioheat® fuel oil.

Why Should You Choose Wilcox Energy’s Bioheat® Heating Oil?


Bioheat® heating oil packs all the benefits of a premium heating oil in one. It can be used with traditional heating systems without any adjustments, cutting the costs of modifications and converting to other heat sources.

As a biodiesel and ULSHO (ultra-low sulfur heating oil) blend, your heater runs more efficiently and cleaner while preserving its condition.

Bioheat® heating oil uses 100% biodiesel to create a blend with lower carbon emissions, making it a safer option to use in the home and a safer choice for the environment.

Call Wilcox Energy today to learn more about Bioheat® fuel and join us in reducing carbon emissions today!

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