How Does An Air Conditioner Tune-Up Save Me Money?

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The temperatures are beginning to increase. Therefore, many homeowners rely on their cooling systems to dehumidify and keep their homes cool. A fully operational air conditioner can provide your home with relief and comfort from the scorching heat outside. Ensure that your AC is in tiptop shape to prevent costly air conditioner repair costs as well as high monthly utility bills. The best way to do this is to schedule an annual air conditioner tune-up.

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How Does An Air Conditioner Tune-Up Save Me Money?

Read on to find out how an air conditioner tune-up can help save you money.

Lowers Your Power Bills

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The US Department of Energy (DOE) states that a typical household in the US uses almost half its total energy for heating and cooling. It is impossible to eliminate your heating and cooling costs, but you can make sure that your home’s expenses are as budget-friendly as possible. To do this, you must get your money’s worth from your HVAC system by keeping it well-maintained at all times. This way, any issues are repaired immediately.

During an air conditioner tune-up, dried-up parts are lubricated, dirty coils and filters are cleaned, worn-out belts are replaced, warped evaporator fins are fixed, and any obstructions to your HVAC unit’s efficiency are repaired. After all, replacing your AC’s clogged filter can reduce your home’s energy consumption by as much as 15%, according to the US DOE.

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Air Conditioner Repair or Replacement Is More Expensive Than AC Maintenance

Like any other machine, neglecting a small problem with your cooling system can cause it to become a bigger and more expensive problem down the line. Air conditioner tune-ups ensure that your system will have an extended lifespan. As a matter of fact, well-maintained ACs can serve you for 15 years or longer.

Seasonal air conditioner tune-ups typically cost less than $200. The price is dependent on several factors, such as the unit’s age, how often it is maintained, if there are parts that need to be replaced, among others. On the other hand, installing a new cooling unit can cost you up to $3,000 or more. Getting an air conditioner repair is less costly than a replacement, but it still costs more than a maintenance service, making it the obvious choice if you are looking to save money.

Neglecting To Get Your Air Conditioner Maintained Can Void Your Warranty

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The AC manufacturer can void your warranty if your system does not receive proper air conditioner maintenance from a professional. Therefore, your warranty claim might be rejected when you neglect to have your AC maintained. Ensure that this does not happen to you by getting your system tuned up yearly. Keep the receipts so that you have proof when you need them. This way, you avoid having to pay thousands of dollars to get your system repaired or replaced.

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Maintain Healthy Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality should not be ignored as it can be an expensive problem to fix. The US Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, states that the air might be mixed with contaminants that cause fungi, mold, and bacteria to grow. These can trigger allergies and respiratory problems like coughs and asthma.

Aside from the negative impact that poor indoor air quality has on your health, it can also cause structural damage that costs an arm and a leg to repair. Air conditioner maintenance includes cleaning or replacing the dirty filters that are causing poor air quality in your home. It also consists of a careful evaluation. This way, the technician can recommend ways you can ensure that you breathe in healthy air indoors. These recommendations may include installing an air purifier, a ventilator, or a whole-house dehumidifier.

Cooling Energy-Saving Tips

energy efficient homeWhen an HVAC technician conducts annual HVAC maintenance, they notice things that can be done to help you save more money. Some of these money-saving improvements include sealing the HVAC ducts and changing the air filters to more ideal ones. Moreover, it is wise to have a good relationship with the HVAC company that maintains your cooling system because this can help reduce your energy bills year-round.

Common AC Problems That Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance Addresses

According to the US Department of Energy, neglect and dirt are the leading reasons behind air conditioner inefficiency and failure. Some of the issues that can be fixed with proper and regular tune-ups include:

  • Improper Refrigerant Charge Or Refrigerant Leak: An under-charged air conditioner, even by just 20%, can cause your cooling costs to double.
  • Electric Control Failure: Fully operational and well-maintained compressor and fan controls ensure that electric control failure does not happen. AC maintenance will check for corroded terminals and wires, dirty contacts, and loose electrical cables to prevent electrical failure.
  • Dirty HVAC Filter: Air filters that are clogged with dirt and particulates cause insufficient airflow. This forces your AC to strain to accommodate your home’s cooling needs. A dirty filter can also affect other components and can lead to premature breakdowns and reduced energy efficiency.
  • Clogged Condensation Drain: Your cooling system also dehumidifies your home. The water is disposed of via the condensation drain. If it gets clogged, water is not drained correctly and can trickle out of your system and end up on your walls and floors. Water build-up in the drain can also result in a system shutdown.
  • Dirty Coils: Dust and grime accumulate in your coils. This can affect your cooling and comfort as it strains your air conditioner. It also promotes wear and tears to your system, which can spike up your energy costs.
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Air conditioner tune-ups are worthy investments that will ensure your system will work well for a long time. If your AC unit has not been maintained for a while, now is the perfect time to schedule it. This way, your system will work to the best of its capabilities and save you money.

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