Avoiding Scams With HVAC Work

image of how to avoid scams with professional heating and cooling services Westbrook CTMost every industry has its own share of scams and the HVAC industry is no exception. In fact HVAC systems are likely to be a common target. For best results, consult with a heating, cooling and ventilation systems expert for any repairs or service. However, in the event of an emergency, many individuals fall prey to sophisticated yet unscrupulous contracts. These scam artists know many homeowners are desperate to escape the sweltering heat or extreme cold. They count on your aversion to extreme temperatures and your desire to return your systems to normal.

Don’t fall prey to their efforts. Avoid these pitfalls by arming yourself with knowledge on the usual HVAC industry scams. By educating yourself, you can avoid becoming a victim. It is also a way to keep your money out of the hands of scam contractors. Read below for a few of the most common types of HVAC scams.

Common HVAC Scams

Oversized HVAC Units

Size is king for many homeowners who purchase large units with the belief that the larger units will offer greater heating and cooling capacity. Be wary of a contractor trying to up-sell you to the largest system available. Instead, a contractor should consider the size of your home and suggest a unit that is appropriate for your home. Using a Manual J calculation, which incorporates variables such as square footage, area climate, windows, doors and the direction the home faces. Typically too large of units drive up utility costs because they run more often. Request that your home is sized. In fact, verify that this is the methods that the contractor is using. If the contractor doesn’t size correctly, don’t proceed. Locate a qualified contractor to help you instead.

Offering Used Parts Or Faking Part Replacement

Don’t fall for a technician’s ploy of offering used parts at just the right price. Often, if the offer sounds too good to be true, it is a scam. Used parts wear out much faster than new ones and they will increase the overall repair costs greatly. Also, be on the lookout for techs who fake replacing parts. Instead, they only pretend to replace parts, when in fact, they leave the defective one in place. This then means another service call and additional work, time and money. This can be hard to avoid if you are not standing and watching the worker perform the replacement. Take note of how the system functions after it has been repaired. It should run better. Obtain a service guarantee in writing after any repairs are performed.

Needless Replacement Of Good Parts

This scam scenario can be hard to spot. The tech will identify a part and express how urgently it needs replacement, often immediately. Consider how well your unit has been running. If your system seems to be working quite well, seek a second opinion on the replacement.annual tune-up services

Ways To Protect Yourself

The first line of defense is retaining the services of a licensed and reputable HVAC professional. Seek referrals from family, trusted coworkers, and friends before forking over any money. Peruse Better Business Bureau listings for complaints. By performing your due diligence, you make sure that work will be done by a trusted professional. Always check online to see what kind of reviews have been written about a company.

Ask for any guarantees in writing and always use a credit card for any purchases and repairs. Using this payment method offers better consumer protection for you via the Fair Credit Billing Act.


Professional HVAC Services Westbrook CT

By being armed with the knowledge of common HVAC scams, you can avoid falling victim to them. The best way to avoid headaches with HVAC work is to locate and utilize a seasoned and trusted HVAC contractor. This is whom to turn in the event of a system emergency or routine seasonal maintenance. Avoid companies with a history of broken promises and a string of disgruntled customers.

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