The Importance Of An HVAC Maintenance Agreement

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All machinery needs maintenance to keep running properly. Heating and cooling systems are no exceptions. Despite being dependable, they can still succumb to friction, stress, corrosion, and other issues. Those who want to prevent avoidable breakdowns should have a regular maintenance schedule. This service will not cost much, but it can save a lot of money by avoiding major repairs years from now. Although there are many ways to go about this, it would be best to secure an HVAC maintenance agreement with a trusted service provider.

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HVAC Maintenance Agreement In A Nutshell

Homeowners can call their HVAC contractor whenever they please to ask for maintenance service. However, this method is unreliable or inefficient. Everyone has thousands of tasks that need to be done. If you leave this to chance, then you will probably forget like many other homeowners. If you want to stay comfortable all year long, then don’t leave it to chance. Sign an HVAC service agreement.

An HVAC service contract will ensure less anxiety and reduced expenses overall. Caring for the equipment will become systematic, while homeowners will enjoy several benefits that come with such a contract.

Enjoy Scheduled HVAC Service Reminders

When the temperatures reach their extremes, HVAC contractors get busy. It is, during this time, when they get many phone calls for common services such as maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. Unfortunately, many homeowners wait until the last minute to service their heating and cooling systems.

This happens during the peak of the summer and winter, without fail. Because HVAC contractors know this, they will act much earlier to take care of business for customers that have HVAC service agreements. The HVAC company will send out scheduled reminders so that maintenance visits can be coordinated sooner rather than later. Usually, this occurs during the spring and fall before the mad rush begins. Afterward, homeowners can relax as they know that they can enjoy reliable heating and cooling for the months to come.

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Get Priority HVAC Service

Regular HVAC maintenance is great for avoiding major heating and cooling repairs. However, minor issues can still develop from time to time. In case these happen, customers can be sure that their HVAC contractor will act quickly to resolve the issue. Those that signed a maintenance agreement will get priority service even if there are a lot of calls coming in. Technicians are sent out immediately as they understand the urgency of the situation. You can go with little interruption, which is especially critical when temperatures are at dangerous levels and breakdowns are everywhere.

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Comprehensive Heating & Cooling Documentation

HVAC contractors keep records of every transaction, including maintenance visits. The detailed documentation is essential, as you can use this as proof when you need to make a warranty claim. Most manufacturers will only honor the warranty if the owners heed their maintenance guidelines. If people are not taking care of their HVAC equipment, then they could be denied services by the manufacturer due to neglect. Also, a solid HVAC maintenance record is helpful when selling your house. You can show it to prospective buyers to assure them of the system’s superb condition.

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Extend HVAC Equipment Service Life

HVAC systems can last for decades. Those that receive proper care are sure to last longer than those that are neglected by their owners. Thus, the money spent on maintenance is worth every penny. They can delay the acquisition of replacement units for several years. The opposite will be true for negligent owners. They will have to get a replacement earlier than usual. Even before that, they will likely be spending more on parts and labor due to recurring breakdowns. There will be no sense in holding onto a problematic unit.

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Lowers Home Heating & Cooling Bills

HVAC systems tend to become inefficient with the years. Older units will have more difficulties getting to the needed temperature, so they will have to spend extra effort and energy to do so. It leads to wear and tear, as well as higher energy bills. Maintenance agreements serve to keep the units as functional as possible as they age. This should allow them to run close to peak efficiency, which means lower energy consumption and utility payments.

Obtain HVAC Service Discounts

Some might be on the fence because maintenance service will cost some money. The best way to think about this is that it is an investment in the future, as can be seen in the reduced energy bills and prolonged equipment life. If those are not enough, then be aware that HVAC contractors will frequently provide customers with service agreements that offer substantial discounts on parts and labor. Heating or cooling repairs will be less of a financial burden when your system requires them.


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HVAC companies are the experts when it comes to heaters and air conditioners, so they know exactly what these types of equipment need. Their knowledge of the subject allows them to offer valuable services that enhance reliability and efficiency. An HVAC maintenance agreement with a trusted contractor is a great way to ensure longevity while availing of all the perks.

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If you are searching for a suitable HVAC maintenance agreement, then look no further. We have various plans that you can choose from, according to your requirements. Call Wilcox Energy today to learn more.

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