Seven HVAC Tips For A Strong End To Winter

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The transition to warmer weather means that your heating system will soon have to rest until the next cold season. As the most frigid days begin to fade and you get to enjoy milder weather, you can start to do some work on your heating and cooling system without affecting your home comfort too much. If you want a strong end to the winter season, there are seven HVAC tips end of winter you can do. These are listed below:

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Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Contact your local trusted technician and book an HVAC maintenance appointment. The winter season is the best time to do this so that you’d be the first in line during their spring tune-ups. Many households include their HVAC systems during spring cleaning. If you schedule HVAC maintenance now, you are guaranteed an early spring spot with your HVAC professional. This way, you avoid the rush of other people getting HVAC maintenance at the last minute.

HVAC tune-ups will ensure that all issues are determined and mitigated. All issues are resolved before they escalate into bigger and costlier problems. Your air conditioning system is also thoroughly inspected so that it is in tiptop shape for when the summer season begins.


Consider Upgrading Your HVAC Unit

If you have an outdated and faulty HVAC unit, consider getting a replacement. Many homeowners wait until they can switch off and do away with their HVAC systems before they think about upgrading their HVAC units. However, waiting only wastes time. Not only that, but you and your family are left without adequate home comfort for months. It can also cause your monthly electric bills to spike because of the damaged parts. Replacing your faulty HVAC immediately will prevent the hassle of dealing with all the issues that come with it. It also ensures that you receive optimum comfort at all times.

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Consider A Thermostat Upgrade

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If you are still on the fence about replacing your HVAC system, then consider making small but vital upgrades. You can begin by replacing your thermostat. Advancements in technology also mean that many new models are equipped with beneficial features. For instance, there are smart thermostats that you can connect to your Wi-Fi. This allows you to control your HVAC system via an app on your tablet or smartphone. This way, you can manage your home comfort system from anywhere.


Clean Or Replace Your HVAC Air Filter

The air filter in your heating and cooling system is vital in ensuring high indoor air quality. A clogged air filter not only circulates dust and debris inside your home. It also causes your system to work harder than it should to ensure that the ideal temperature is maintained. Not only that, but a dirty air filter also leads to increased energy bills. Check your air filter to make sure that it is not caked with dust and dirt. Make sure to clean or replace it as needed to make sure that the system runs efficiently.

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Check The Ductwork

Like the air filters, the ductwork is also notorious for accumulating dirt and other contaminants. Dust and debris can build up and eventually cause a clog. The blockage will strain the system, and it won’t be able to work as efficiently. It will also result in poor air quality, which, in turn, can significantly affect your health. The duct should be inspected and thoroughly cleaned regularly. Let your local HVAC technician assist you as they have the specialized tools to make sure that the ducts are cleaned correctly.

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Seal Gaps And Drafty Windows

Conditioned air tends to escape from holes, gaps, and drafty windows. Your HVAC unit is in tiptop condition, but you still feel that it is not adequately heating your home. This could be due to the gaps around your window and doors or other small holes in the room. You should carefully look for these gaps and seal them. If you have done so and it still doesn’t feel quite right in the room, there might be some parts that you missed. HVAC experts can assist you in finding air drafts and other wall weaknesses so that they are sealed correctly and quickly.


Clean Up Your Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit of your HVAC system is exposed to the weather and this could lead to weather-related damages. The condenser could accumulate salt residue or gunk, and stale water throughout the cold season. These can affect your system’s overall functionality. Check the outdoor unit from time to time. Make sure to clean the outdoor unit as well as its immediate area. Your HVAC unit will work more efficiently this way.


Season changes have a predictable pattern that you can use to your advantage to keep your HVAC system in top shape. Thinking ahead will surely pay off, and you can avoid unnecessary heating and cooling issues. Your HVAC equipment will also reap benefits, such as longer lifespan and improved energy-efficiency. As a result, your home will be more cost-effective, and you will enjoy a high level of comfort. Call a reputable HVAC company today and book your next system tune-up today.


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