Myths Behind Natural Gas

facts about natural gasLearn the facts before you convert – you may be surprised. The natural gas company spends a lot of money trying to convince you that natural gas is better than heating oil. Their “facts” just don’t stand up to “truth.”

Before you choose to convert, let our energy experts help you understand your goals and your needs. Chances are pretty good that we can help you save money without converting your fuel source. We can recommend solutions that will reduce your fuel consumption, lower your heating bills and provide you with the reliable, personalized service you deserve. Don’t fall for the gas line. Understanding all of your options is the best way for you to save money in the long term.

Don’t Fall For The Gas Line

The natural gas company wants you to believe that converting will not only save you thousands of dollars but that it’s better for the environment and just a smart investment for you to make. Let’s take a look at their claims, one by one, and talk about what is true, and what is not so true.

Natural Gas Myth 1: It’s Affordable

natural gas pricesNatural gas companies’ rates are regulated and approved by state agencies, making them more stable and consistent. And, you pay for only what you use.

Our Response: The Natural Gas company is part of large, international utility. While they are regulated by the state and need the approval to change prices, there is no competition. We are regulated by consumer awareness and our competition. Our customers have a choice to do business with us. The natural gas company? Make the switch if you really want to find out.

Natural Gas Myth 2: It’s Clean

Natural gas is clean and efficient – say goodbye to sooty build-up, and use less fuel with up to 96% efficient equipment.

Our Response: This is just not true. In fact, today’s heating oil (lower sulfur heating oil combined with a 2% or more of biodiesel) is cleaner than natural gas. There is no sooty build up and since heating oil burns at a higher BTU, it takes less heating oil than natural gas to create the same amount of heat. Natural Gas emits methane into our environment. New heating oil equipment has efficiencies into the 90s as well. c

Natural Gas Myth 3: It’s Convenient

Natural gas is always there. No more deliveries. No more shoveling a path for delivery. You won’t have to worry about running out.

Our Response: Are you on automatic delivery with us? When have we let you run out? We know our customers. If you have a tough driveway, you just may see us showing up to top you off before a storm because we know you may be due soon. Ask the homeowners in New Britain who had no heat on the coldest day of winter because of a malfunction with the gas main. When there’s an interruption in service, you can’t put in a few gallons to get you through. You just have no heat. Their attitude: We’ll get you when we get you. Our attitude: We do whatever we can to keep your heat running.

Natural Gas Myth 4: It’s Less Maintenance

furnace maintenanceBecause natural gas burns cleaner than oil, maintenance costs for heating equipment and appliances are reduced.

Our Response: Today’s heating oil is cleaner than natural gas. Maintenance costs are down and with our higher percentage of Biodiesel in our heating oil, along with the sediment reducer that we add to our oil, we are seeing fewer and fewer service calls. Regular maintenance is recommended for all fuel sources. A poorly maintained gas system can cause deadly carbon monoxide, and settings should be checked regularly to guarantee proper function.

Natural Gas Myth 5: It’s A Good Investment

The availability of natural gas often results in a higher resale value of homes.

Our Response: Investing in system improvements is always worthwhile, and will result in a higher resale value of homes. Conservation and Efficiency improvement always pays off.

Natural Gas Myth 6: It’s Versatile

Natural gas is ideal for space and water heating, cooking, grilling, clothes drying, and so much more!

Our Response: While this is true, propane is another option to increase your conveniences. Most oil companies (including Wilcox Energy) are propane providers today. And with propane, there is no dependence on a gas line coming to your home.

Ask The Tough Questions

Q. Will converting to natural gas save me money?
In most instances, the answer is no. Best case, with today’s lower oil prices, you may see a return on your investment in 35 years. Because heating oil burns at a higher BTU than natural gas, it takes more natural gas to generate the same amount of heat from heating oil.

Q. Is natural gas ‘green’?
Natural gas is methane – a greenhouse gas. Bioheat heating oil, at only a 2% blend of biodiesel is cleaner than natural gas. At Wilcox Energy, we sell a blend up to 15% Bioheat. Another option to consider is propane. Considered ‘green energy, propane burns cleaner than natural gas, helping to reduce your carbon footprint. Propane is also energy efficient and incredibly versatile.

Q. Do I have a choice of who to use for natural gas?
No. Unlike heating oil, the CT Natural Gas market gives you no option of who you buy from, creating a marketplace with no competition. There are hundreds of heating oil and propane providers, however, and this not only provides you with options, but it elevates the level of customer services because it creates a competitive marketplace.

Q. Will I still get the same level of service if I switch to natural gas?
Natural gas companies contract out their service, so you never really know who will show up at your door. Or when they will show up. Wilcox Energy is a family-owned, full-service company that’s been part of the local community for over sixty years. This means reliable deliveries, responsive service and a commitment to our customers, friends and neighbors, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Heating With Oil

This is a great time to heat your home with oil heat, especially since analysts expect that oil prices will remain stable in the foreseeable future.

If you want to learn more about heating oil vs natural gas you can get some great information on the following websites:

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