How The Oil Heating Industry Is Creating A Path To Net-Zero Carbon Emissions

bioheat - the future of fuel

Man-made climate change has become widely accepted as a reality, and we as a nation are working to reduce our carbon footprint. Consumers and policymakers are demanding lower-carbon heating alternatives. In response, the oil heating industry has created a path to net-zero carbon emissions. The solution is here; right here, right now, and heating oil consumers don’t need to do anything to make a difference.

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Bioheat®: Ultra-Low Sulfur, Low Carbon, Renewable Heating Fuel

This is not your parent’s old #2 heating oil! Today’s heating oil is a completely evolved ultra-low sulfur, low carbon, renewable heating fuel. It’s called Bioheat®. It is immediately available, it is affordable, and requires zero system modifications or upgrades for Bioheat® Blends up to 50%. Learn more about Bioheat® here.


Why Relying On Electricity Doesn’t Work

why electrical heat doesn't workThe Malloy administration’s energy plan pushed to convert all oil heat homes to natural gas. That plan failed miserably. Local policymakers are now pushing a plan for complete electrification of homes utilizing heat pumps. This type of heat conversion is very costly to the consumer, requires a backup heat source for extreme cold, and is not the best solution when considering the total life cycle of electricity. Electricity wasn’t the best solution in the 1970s and it is not the best solution for 2020 and beyond.

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Net-Zero Carbon Liquid Heating

In September 2019, the heating oil industry came together and committed to taking action. We embraced the desire to be a part of the country’s energy-efficient, low-carbon future. Ratification of the Providence Revolution was a commitment by the liquid fuel industry to shift its product to increasingly higher blends of renewable liquid heating fuels with the goal of delivering a net-zero carbon liquid heating fuel by 2050. In September of 2020 at the NEFI Summit meeting, the road map to net-zero was revealed.

The biggest obstacle on that road map is: “Consumers increasingly view climate change as a major problem and see purchasing petroleum-based liquid heating fuel as an unacceptable choice.” This view is inaccurate and needs to change. Educating the public and educating our political leaders that low carbon renewable heating fuel is an immediate low-cost viable solution is a top priority for our industry.

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Wilcox Energy Offers Bioheat® Fuel Deliveries

Wilcox Energy is proud to be leading the charge and making great changes to our infrastructure and the product we sell. We first introduced Bioheat® as an option in 2006. Over time, we started delivering a Bioheat® blend to all our customers. We are in the process of converting a storage tank to a heated B100 Biodiesel storage tank which will enable injection blending directly into our ultra-low sulfur fuel steam creating our own blends of Bioheat®. We are now selling a minimum B20 Blend of Bioheat®: 80% ultra-low sulfur heating oil, blended with 20% Biodiesel.

The best take-away for our customers is that to make a difference and minimize their carbon footprint, they need to do nothing at all. Stay the course and trust Wilcox Energy. Achieving a 40% emissions reduction by 2030 is attainable with an alternative fuel that already exists today. Bioheat®; a low carbon heating alternative. We can and will attain net-zero by 2050.

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