What Is A Carbon Footprint?

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Many ask “What is a carbon footprint?”. A carbon footprint is a measure of the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) that is released from burning fossil fuels. Daily activities such as driving, using electricity, heating, cooking, and more produce carbon emissions. However, as much as we may need to perform these activities, the issue is that the gases that are released from doing them are those that trap heat inside of the atmosphere. This gas leads to global warming and severe climate change.

Fortunately, Wilcox Energy understands the need to slow down climate change and use appropriate fuel sources as a means to reduce our carbon footprint. So, since we are aware of the impact that our daily routine has on the environment, what can be done? Is there a way to reduce our carbon footprint without sacrificing our modern-day conveniences?

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How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

This article shares various approaches towards achieving a more environmentally friendly approach when carrying out your daily activities.

Heating Oil

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Many homes and businesses in the eastern United States use home heating oil for their source of heat during the winter. In fact, some use it throughout the year for domestic hot water as well. Although today’s heating oil produces a significantly smaller amount of emissions compared to the oil of the past, the point is the #2 fuel oil still does produce some carbon emissions.

Fortunately, due to the implementation of the Providence Resolution, the use of heating oil and its environmental impact is going to change. Wilcox Energy is proud to be one of the heating oil companies that completely supports this initiative and is leading the charge for these types of changes in the industry.

The Providence Resolution, which was adopted in 2019, states that the oil industry will be carbon neutral (also known as net neutral) by 2050. This means that the burning of heating oil will not produce any carbon emissions and achieves carbon neutrality. This is a great stride that the heating oil industry has taken to do their part when it pertains to being more environmentally conscious.

Wilcox Energy customers are already benefiting from our position on this issue as they already receive our Bioheat heating oil. We take climate change seriously and are the area’s leaders by supplying our customers with Bioheat®, a true blend of #2 heating oil and biodiesel, at no extra cost to our customers.

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For homeowners in the southern shoreline region of Connecticut who are not Wilcox Energy customers, you can also do your part by buying your home heating oil from us.

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The use of this fuel reduces emissions and, therefore, helps reduce your carbon footprint. Furthermore, you will not need to upgrade your existing heating equipment as it is compatible with your current system. At Wilcox, it does not cost more than traditional home heating oil and all you have to do to start heating with this more environmentally-friendly oil is call us today. Call today to schedule a heating oil delivery!


Bike/Walk More And Drive Less

Many of us love the convenience of using our car. However, some of the places that we drive to are within walking distance. If it is not within walking distance, then it may possibly be within biking distance. Instead of grabbing your car keys, walk or bike. Doing so not only reduces your carbon emissions, but it helps save money that you spend on gas while giving you an opportunity to get a little more exercise. If biking or walking is not an option, then utilize public transportation or set up a carpool. This puts less cars on the road, reducing the amount of exhaust in the environment.

Eat Local

eat local to reduce carbon footprintEating seasonal food also means eating locally grown food. This is a great way to help reduce carbon emissions. If the majority of the food that you buy is local, then you help reduce the amount of time that it sits in a distribution truck. Naturally, this helps reduce exhaust fumes from entering the atmosphere and is healthier for the environment.

Furthermore, you can follow the trend of “meatless Monday”, where you eat vegetarian-based meals every Monday of the week. Eating plant-based meals helps reduce carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions. Be sure to set up a compost bin for all of your vegetable scraps instead of placing them in the trash. Also, when you go to the grocery store or farmer’s market, don’t forget to bring your reusable grocery bags too!

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Conserve Water

There are many ways to conserve water. There is a limited supply of this precious resource and so using less is vital towards limiting climate change. Some of the things that you can do include:

  • Turn off the water when brushing your teeth
  • Get a reusable water bottle instead of buying bottled water
  • Fix any water leaks in your home
  • Don’t use your toilet as a trash can
  • Take baths or shorter showers
  • Install water-saving appliances in your home
  • Only use your washing machine or dishwasher only when you have a full load
  • Use cold water instead of warm or hot water when using the washer machine
  • Put a layer of mulch around trees and plants
  • Deep-soak your lawn instead of lightly watering it

The above tips help reduce your water use. Also, they are easy to follow. Put these into practice and you will be more environmentally-friendly while saving money on your water bill too!


Use Less Electricity

Naturally, when you use less electricity, you reduce your carbon footprint. There are various ways to accomplish this.

  • Turn off the lights when leaving the room
  • Buy a programmable thermostat and program it correctly
  • Buy energy-efficient appliances
  • Check seals on windows, doors and appliances
  • Insulate your home properly
  • Use compact fluorescent or LED bulbs that have the Energy Star label
  • Unplug electrical devices when not in use
  • Tune-up your HVAC system
  • Do an energy audit


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Practice The 5 R’s

You can also practice the below to help do your part:

  • Refuse: Don’t use products that you really don’t need. For example, you can use more naturally-based cleaners instead of chemically-based cleaners in your home.
  • Reduce: Donate items that you really don’t use or need anymore. Also, only buy things that you require.
  • Reuse: Instead of opting for disposable items, you should invest in those that are reusable and a more permanent solution.
  • Recycle: Be sure to use the option of recycling your items instead of throwing them away.
  • Rot: Be sure to compost at home as a way of keeping these items out of landfills. Your garden will thank you.


Generally, what’s good for the environment is good for your wallet. Therefore, taking steps towards being more environmentally aware helps you save money as well. There are various ways to help reduce your carbon footprint. As you can see from the above tips, many of them are easy to follow too. It just takes a little bit of a habit-change on your behalf.

Wilcox Energy Offers Bioheat® Fuel Deliveries

Wilcox Energy is proud to be leading the charge and making great changes to our infrastructure and the product we sell. We first introduced Bioheat® as an option in 2006. Over time, we started delivering a Bioheat® fuel blend to all our customers. We are in the process of converting a storage tank to a heated B100 biodiesel storage tank which will enable injection blending directly into our ultra-low sulfur fuel steam creating our own blends of Bioheat. We are now selling a minimum B20 Blend of Bioheat®: 80% ultra-low sulfur heating oil, blended with 20% Biodiesel.

The best take-away for our customers is that to make a difference and minimize their carbon footprint, they need to do nothing at all. Stay the course and trust Wilcox Energy. Achieving a 40% emissions reduction by 2030 is attainable with an alternative fuel that already exists today. Bioheat®; a low carbon heating alternative. We can and will attain net-zero by 2050.

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