Propane | Fuel your Happy Place | Fireplaces, pool heaters, grills, generators

Propane is known for its versatility because it can fuel so many of the amenities that we love most – our happy places. What fuels your happy place? Maybe it’s sitting by the outdoor fire pit with family and friends gathered around and roasting marshmallows, or maybe it’s relaxing in front of the propane fueled fireplace on a chilly winter night while drinking hot cocoa. Many people find their happy place cooking their favorite meal on the propane gas stove on a Sunday night with the  whole family gathered around the table.  Many people, looking to extend the season for enjoying their swimming pools , have also added a propane pool heater!

However, and where ever, we find it, propane fuels many of the times we love and cherish most.

Call Wilcox Energy for professional installation of propane tanks in your home. Already have propane, but ready to make a switch to a local company in your shoreline community?  We we make it easy for you to switch to Wilcox Energy for propane with our seamless installation process and as an existing heating oil customer you are eligible for our dual fuel discount!


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