Propane Tips All Homeowners Should Be Aware Of

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Also known as liquid petroleum gas (LPG), propane is an affordable, reliable, and stable fuel source. It is non-toxic, colorless, and generally safe to use. However, keep in mind that it is a flammable liquid that can cause burns or poisoning when not handled properly. It is always a good idea to know a few safety measures, or propane tips, when it comes to using propane. This way, you can keep your family safe.

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Propane Tips All Homeowners Should Be Aware Of

This article will discuss some vital propane tips that you should know of.

Call A Professional HVAC Company

A professional HVAC technician has the training and certifications required to work on your propane system. Therefore, conducting a DIY project on your propane tank and propane heating system is highly discouraged. You might end up doing more harm than good. Any mistakes during the installation or reconnection of parts can cause dangerous gas leaks. Make sure to contact your local trusted HVAC professional to inspect and do the needed repairs.

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Be Alert In Case Of Propane Leaks

Propane is a petroleum product. It is classified as a clean energy source. However, propane leaks can still happen, and these can have severe repercussions on your home. Propane leakages will smell like rotten eggs. This is not its natural odor. It is an artificial one added to make leaks easy to detect. If there is a sulfur-like smell permeating your house, there might be a leak that you should check on.

Switch off all open flames and anything else that can result in combustion. Shut all gas line valves as well. Keep everyone, including pets, outside of the house until a professional HVAC technician resolves the leak issue.

There is a simple way to detect a gas leak. Mix soap and water in a spray bottle and put some of this mixture on connectors and joints. Wait and see if bubbles form as this indicates a possible leak. However, if you smell gas, it is best to go outside and call 911 immediately.

Keep in mind that not all leaks can be detected with a smell. Therefore, it is always a good idea to install a propane gas detector. This device senses the propane concentration in the air, which is significant, especially if the gas has been diluted or dispersed by soil, wind, and other elements. This detector will help detect leaks early so that you can resolve them early as well.


Make Sure The Propane Tank Doesn’t Run Empty


The propane tank should never be allowed to run empty. If the tank is connected to an open gas line, an empty one will only let moisture and air seep in. This will eventually lead to issues, such as rust. The tank will be susceptible to corrosion, and holes and gaps could form. In turn, gas could escape through these holes. An empty propane tank will also put out your pilot light. This is something that should not happen as the pilot light should be on at all times.

Ensure The Propane Heating System Receives Regular Maintenance

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The heating system should be properly maintained by a licensed HVAC professional at least once a year. This way, all issues with the propane system are detected and fixed early. Regular checkups will also help your system remain energy-efficient and cost-effective. Not only that, but it will also ensure that you get the most out of your heating unit for a long time.

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Check The Furnace Flame

Check the furnace flame now and then. Propane burners have a blue flame that ranges from light to darker hues. If you notice that the flame has turned yellow or orange, you might have a furnace issue on your hands. It could be due to a carbon monoxide leak, so it is best to contact your local trusted HVAC technician to inspect your burner right away.


Inspect The Heating System After Bad Weather

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Bad weather like heavy snow and storms can wreak havoc on your propane system, especially on the outdoor components. Thoroughly inspect your propane system after experiencing such and look for any damages. Make sure that the tanks, valves, pipes, and other parts are free from snow. If flooding occurs, switch the main gas valve and call a heating contractor to check the system.

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