Benefits Of Digital Thermostats

digital thermostatYour thermostat makes it possible to control the temperature in your home. If the thermostat in your house is outdated, it is like throwing money out the window.

Newer digital thermostats have more control options, they help control airflow more efficiently, and they can help control the humidity level in the home. Even better, they are great devices to help reduce your energy costs, considering heating and cooling your home account for a significant portion of your bill. In this article, we discuss why a thermostat upgrade may be a good investment.

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The Benefits Of Investing In A New Smart Thermostat Essex CT

There are plenty of benefits associated with upgrading your current thermostat with a new, updated smart thermostat.

First, newer thermostats can improve the air quality in your home. Next, smart thermostats have an energy-saving setting, allowing you to keep your house comfortably warm during the winter without getting an outrageously high heating bill at the end of the month. Finally, you can customize the settings on your thermostat where you can automatically turn the heat or air conditioning down when everyone leaves for the day and turn it back up before everyone returns home. You can set a schedule for it. This feature is convenient, and it can also help save you money. Overall, digital thermostats are far better than the traditional thermostats.

Reduce Your Home Heating Costs & Save Money On Your Energy Bills

As mentioned earlier, a new digital thermostat can improve the energy efficiency in your home. Below are some great features that you will find with a digital thermometer that you won’t find with a traditional one.

  • User-Friendly Features: You don’t need to be tech-savvy to control a digital thermostat. These thermostats are designed to make it easy to control the heat, the AC, and to program the settings for humidity and airflow.
  • Saves Money: Digital thermostats make your home more energy efficient, which will save you money.
  • Programmable Settings With Sensors: Digital thermostats come with programmable settings with sensors which will reduce the amount of energy that your home consumes while running the heater or the AC.
  • Manage Setting While Away: You don’t need to be home to turn your heat or AC up or down with a digital thermostat. Everything can be controlled through an app on your Smartphone. This feature can help you save up to 10 percent on your energy bills.
  • Correlate With Your HVAC System: Your digital thermostat will correlate with your HVAC system. They also feature a bright LED lighting system for optimal performance and use.
  • Stay Seated: One of the most significant issues that people have with traditional thermostats is needing to get up frequently to adjust the temperature. This aspect won’t be an issue with a digital thermostat.

Overall, manual control thermostats take a lot of time to set and often result in uneven temperatures throughout the home. Digital thermostats perform much better. These thermostats give you the ability to set the temperature in the house for different times of the day and at night. In most cases, your unit will be able to run on your Smartphone or tablet via an app. This feature allows you to control the temperature in your home if the thermostat is across the room or if you are across the country.

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Increase Your Home’s Energy-Efficiency & Reduce Its Carbon Footprint

home energy costsNew digital thermostats require less overall energy compared to previous thermostat models. Also, they have built-in, environmentally-friendly features. Digital thermostats make it possible to sustain the temperature in the home regardless of the fluctuations in temperature. The thermostat can keep a perfect temperature in your home during every season.

New Technology Means New Convenience

With new technology comes more convenience. Old, outdated thermostats don’t have any of the convenience features that you would find in smart digital thermostats. One feature that most people love is the ability to turn the heat and AC up and down remotely. If you leave for work and you forgot to turn down the heat, you can do it as soon as you remember right on your phone. This saves you the trouble of driving home or leaving the AC or heating system set too high.

When you invest in a digital thermostat, you should start reaping the benefits right away. You will no longer need to get up when you start to feel too warm or too cold. You would just need to grab your phone and adjust the settings. Digital thermostats will save you so much on your heating and cooling costs that it will pay for itself quickly. Also, smart thermostats “learn” your schedule. So when you forget to adjust your temperatures settings, it does it automatically for you. Now, that’s convenient!

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