Top Tips For Conserving Energy In Your Home This Winter

energy billsOf all the resources that are likely to be wasted in the US, energy is among the most important. Every year, businesses and households throughout the United States pay approximately $190 billion in electricity. Nearly 30 percent of this electricity goes to waste.

Despite having access to programs like Energy Star, a lot of Americans are still paying for energy that they rarely use or that they aren’t using efficiently. Not only does this cost consumers a lot of extra and unnecessary cash, but it also strains the nation’s resources.

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HVAC Westbrook CT:  Best Ways To Reduce Your Energy Costs

Since homeowners have an eager interest in saving money, they should utilize the proper methods to pay less for their energy costs. During the winter, home heating accounts for a large portion of their overall energy expenses. In this article, you will discover the best ways to limit your home energy costs this winter season.

Check The Windows And Doors In Your Home For Leaks

Before winter comes rolling in, start checking the corners of all your doors and windows, especially at the joints. Warping and cracks where wood, vinyl and concrete meet can allow cold air to seep in, and warm air to escape. More often than not, do-it-yourself insulation is a very affordable and effective solution. Adding weather-stripping to your doors and windows will allow you to keep more warm air in the home and to prevent significant drops in indoor temperatures.

Service Your Furnace Regularly For Efficient Operation

HVAC serviceThe best way to make sure that your home heating system is ready for the challenges of a frosty winter is by having a licensed professional inspect it before winter arrives. Your heating system can be cleaned and inspected. All of the damaged components can be replaced to ensure that the unit will function optimally right when it’s needed the most.

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Use The Appropriate Thermostat Setting

You can trim approximately 10 percent off of your home heating bill by merely lowering your thermostat by 10 degrees or more while sleeping. If you’re bothered by this slight drop in temperature, use thicker sheets and a warm comforter on your bed. Certain fabrics like flannel are more efficient at helping you use your body heat for insulation while sleeping, even when the home thermostat is set at a fair low temperature. You can also lower your thermostat while you are away at work. This way, you are not paying to heat an empty house.

Increase Indoor Humidity: Humidifier & Plants

Moist air tends to feel a lot warmer than dry air given that moisture can retain heat. Adding humidifiers will boost the comfort and warmth of your home, even when you set your thermostat fairly low.

Another way to increase indoor humidity levels is by adding houseplants to your living environment. Plants have roots that absorb water, and then this same moisture is gradually released via their stems and leaves. As water evaporates, it turns into air molecules that help increase humidity levels throughout the home. Lot of plants, including spider plants, peace lilies, English ivy, and areca palm are suitable for both increasing the moisture in the house, and for improving indoor aesthetics – even as they help eliminate many airborne pollutants.

Use Your Ceiling Fans To Spread Heat During The Winter

ceiling fanCeiling fans have the power to improve both air circulation and air flow in your home. When the fan blades turn counterclockwise, they’ll pull hot air up towards the ceiling, which is why they’re so cost-effective and helpful to use when the outdoor weather is warm. Conversely, when the blades move clockwise, they can help homes feel warm when it’s cold outside. When ceiling fans are in-use, always keep them at the lowest setting possible to increase their overall efficiency in dispersing warm air throughout the home.

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Get Warm With Additional Layers

Use layered clothing or fabrics to stay warm inside of the home. Wear thick sweaters and shirts, warm socks, and shawls around your shoulders and neck. You can also keep your home warm by placing carpets on the floors. If the floors in your home are concrete, tiled or wooden, place a few rugs in strategic areas. You might even toss a few throw blankets onto your sofas and chairs for additional warmth.

Use Natural Heat: The Sun

The sun is a fantastic source of free heat and light. It can be beneficial in early fall and at the start of winter when your home heating needs increase. Keep your window treatments open so that light can flow in through the south and east-facing windows. After the sun has set, close your window treatments so that the heat you’ve captured is retained.



There are lots of ways to keep your energy bills low during the wintertime. By using the tips above, you can keep your energy bills lower than they were last year while still maintaining a warm and cozy living environment.

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