How To Prevent Damage To Your HVAC System From Fallen Leaves

fall and hvac systemFallen leaves give autumn its distinctive character, providing its colors and even their crunch to the sounds of the season. There is also a change in the mood as people gear up for winter.

However, while all of those leaves may make the sidewalks look gorgeous, they may cause problems for your home’s HVAC system if you do not take care of them. 

Given the amount of maintenance that HVAC systems require, it can only help to deal with the problem. In this article, you will find some tips and tricks in dealing with fallen leaves on and near your home HVAC.

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Westbrook HVAC Contractor Discusses The Problems Fallen Leaves Can Cause To Your System

home heating costsBefore discussing how to handle the problem, it may be useful to address the issues that fallen leaves can cause.

It bears noting that an HVAC unit is extremely sensitive and should not be blocked at any time. Modern systems have exhaust pipes leading to outside your home, but this does not usually create a problem as they are covered with screens to keep larger elements, such as animals, out. However, they may not help against smaller items such as fallen leaves. Therefore, it can be blocked by all those pretty leaves leading to some ugly breakdowns and faulty mechanisms.

Newer HVAC systems have their compressor housed inside an outdoor unit, which can be easily clogged by leaves. When this happens, it reduces airflow and increases the chance of mold and bacteria growth. Mold and bacteria can cause sickness to spread throughout the home. This situation also means that the HVAC system will not be as efficient as it should be. Your house will feel colder, meaning that you must spend more to heat the home while increasing the wear and tear on your overall system. Naturally, a higher level of wear and tear causes a shorter lifespan and high repair costs of your HVAC equipment.

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How To Avoid Damaging Your HVAC Unit

raking leavesLuckily there are some simple steps that easily deal with this problem.

The most obvious first step is to rake the leaves as often as possible. Take them as far away as possible from the home. For most people, this means that the yard and environs should be raked at least once a week. However, the frequency is up to you and how often your leaves become a big enough problem. Just make sure that you rake away from the intake and outtake pipes, and you should be fine. Raking towards the pipes will encourage the leaves to enter them, leading to all sorts of problems and making problems worse.

Make sure that you plant all plants, shrubs, and trees as far away from the compressor housing as possible, preferably at least three feet away. While vegetation is an excellent way of adding beauty to the home, they can interfere with the general operation of the HVAC system and thus causing problems down the road. Giving them some distance away from the compressor eliminates those problems.

Remove any foliage or debris from around the compressor. If any debris has entered the compressor, you should remove it immediately. Make sure that you turn off the HVAC system before removing anything from inside to avoid damaging the equipment or hurting yourself. This will make sure that the compressor continues to work efficiently.

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Have You Scheduled Your Annual HVAC Tune-Up?

You should also schedule an HVAC professional to clean the system as part of any seasonal or annual check-up.

HVAC technicians have the knowledge and experience to deal with fallen leaves or any other problems before they become significant problems. They can also give recommendations on how to deal with any issues that come up. An annual check-up is a good idea to ensure that the home is adequately heated with no significant problem. A professional can provide the best possible results for your system.

All HVAC manufacturers and local HVAC contractors will agree that a heating system needs an annual tune-up before the cold settles in. There are many benefits that come out of this. You will pay less on your HVAC repair costs. Also, you will pay less on your home heating costs. Additionally, a system that receives proper maintenance will perform better, increasing the level of comfort in your home. If you do not know of any reputable HVAC contractors in your area, you can search the internet for  “residential HVAC contractors near me”. Check out their HVAC contractor reviews. When it comes to your heating or cooling system, you only want to work with the best as your comfort, energy bills, and safety are all dependant on your system.


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In Conclusion

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