Tips On Eliminating Hot And Cold Spots In Your Home

broken heating systemThe goal of virtually all homeowners is to have a dwelling that is evenly heated. Unfortunately, this is sometimes not the case.

If you are like numerous other consumers, there are rooms in your home that are cooler than the rest. Consequently, depending on the area of the house, some of the home’s occupants feel comfortable, others feel hot, and some feel cold.

Fortunately, there are ways to remedy this issue. Keep reading to find out what you can do to eliminate any troublesome areas in your home.

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Madison HVAC: How To Eliminate Hot & Cold Spots

Throughout the winter season, you may find that your bedroom is cozy and warm, but when you enter your living room, you find the need for an extra sweater. If this is happening in your dwelling, your home is experiencing hot and cold spots.

Underlying Causes Of Uneven Temperatures

house that needs furnace repairHot and cold spots in a home happen for one of two distinct reasons. The first has to do with the actual structure of the house, while the second is associated with how the ductwork was installed. For example, the amount of sun that gets into the home, its floor plan, the way the insulation was installed and the number of windows in the house can all result in hot or cold spots.

Similarly, the way the home’s ductwork was installed may also eventually lead to uneven temperatures throughout the house. If the ductwork was not designed, manufactured, or installed appropriately, some rooms would receive more heat than others.

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Removing Uneven Temperatures In Your Home

There are several tips you can utilize to eliminate cold and hot spots in your house. You may have to do each task outlined below to prevent this issue in your dwelling entirely.

Be Sure Your Air Vents Are Not Blocked

HVAC ventsTo keep every room in your house warm, you must clear away any obstructions from the vents of your HVAC system. If furnishings, tables, pet beds or other items are blocking the vents, the heat cannot correctly enter the room. Vents should also be cleaned of dirt and debris on a regular basis.

Evaluating Your Home For Drafts

If only one room of your home is significantly colder than the rest, a draft may be entering the room somehow. Evaluate your windows and doors to ensure there are no seals that are broken. If you discover window drafts, consider purchasing a DIY insulation kit. An insulation kit is a cost-effective and user-friendly kit that can be helpful with eliminating drafts.

When winter is over, you can remove the insulation and reapply it the following season. You can also use it during the summer to keep your cool air in. Door drafts can be blocked with blankets or gadgets specifically designed to keep out cold air during chilly seasons.

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Insulate Areas Of Your Home Adequately

insulationA properly insulated home is the only way to eliminate drafts during winter completely. If your house is old and you have noticed hot and cold spots, there may be failing insulation in specific areas of the dwelling.

To find out whether or not this is the reason for the cold and hot spots, contact a professional to inspect the insulation. If he or she determines that faulty insulation is the problem, you can schedule a repair.

Have You Considered Multi-Zone Heating?

According to most HVAC professionals, the most effective way to eliminate hot and cold spots in a house during the winter is to have a multi-zone heating system installed. Zoned heating uses multiple thermostats throughout the dwelling, and each controls the dampers in the air ducts. You can set different rooms at different temperatures. Not only does this eliminate cold and hot spots, but it is also cost-effective concerning your heating bill.


The Importance Of Cleaning Your Ductwork

Dirty air ducts can result in hot and cold spots. If you have the ducts appropriately cleaned, warm air can circulate freely around your house. However, it is not necessary to clean them on an annual basis, as most HVAC technicians suggest completing this task every 2 to 5 years. Nevertheless, if your home is particularly dusty or if you have household pets with hair, you may wish to have your ducts cleaned more frequently.

Maintaining Your Furnace & Heating System

Always schedule a furnace tuneup before winter. This way, problems can be detected before you have to experience hot and cold spots. A skilled HVAC technician can recommend the appropriate repairs before frigid temperatures set in. Also, a tune-up helps your heating system perform well and more efficiently.

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An uneven temperature throughout a home can be frustrating and can make you feel uncomfortable. The tips listed above may help if you are experiencing such issues.

Cold and hot spots can be a very annoying problem. Additionally, it may be a sign that your HVAC system is having major issues. However, minor issues within the system may cause uneven home temperatures. For this reason, it is essential to have your HVAC system and ductwork evaluated by a trusted and reliable HVAC technician. Such individuals have the skills and knowledge to remedy cold and hot spots throughout your dwelling.

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