The Price of Oil in the State of CT

Save money on oil with a full service company you can trust.

People often call and ask, “What’s the Price of Oil today?”  If you are calling around in the summer, chances are you can find oil pretty cheap, and often times less than us.  BUT, how many deliveries can you get in the summer?  ONE.  That same person calls around in the winter, after prices have gone up, as they historically do, and they may  hear an entirely different story.

The difference is all about Value.  At Wilcox Energy we offer options.  Prepay fixed price, downside protection, budget plans, and cap prices.  The cash guys?  They simply don’t.  They buy today’s oil at today’s price.  And like I said, in the summer time it is bound to be less.  But in the winter, when it matters?  The winner is most likely to be that customer who has chosen a price protection program of some sort with Wilcox Energy.

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Lately, our prepay customers have been the greatest winners.  Like everything in like, there are pros and cons to choosing this program for buying your oil.  2 cons that I can count:  you must pay for your entire season’s oil up front and all at once & the price is fixed.  It goes neither up nor down.  And while it doesn’t “historically” happen that the price goes down in the winter, it “has” happened.  Is it likely to happen again?  It’s possible.

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Our customers on a budget?  Time and time again, this is the plan to choose.  WHY?  Because you cannot lose.  Being on a budget allows you to make lower, even payments throughout the year.  Many of our oil heat customers get more than one oil delivery a month in the winter.   You do the math.  With an average oil delivery of 160-180 gallons, multiply that by the price of oil in the winter in CT, and DOUBLE it, and that’s a lot of money to spend on oil for the month.  That could destroy anyone’s monthly budget.  Sign up for a budget plan with price cap protection, and you are guaranteed not to pay any more than a predetermined amount per gallon, get the advantage of the lower price should the price go down, and make one payment per month, regardless of how many deliveries you get that month.  It’s simple.  That’s Value.

So, back to that customer who is calling around for the cheapest oil?  If he had participated in one of our price protection programs, he wouldn’t have to call around.  He would be enjoying the comfort and convenience of automatic oil deliveries, delivered at a price  BELOW  the going cash price.  What’s even better?  We deliver a blended fuel.  What’s that?  We add a product called Surrephyre to our oil.  This reduces sediment in your oil, helping your heating system burn cleaner and more efficiently, saving you money.

So if you want to save money on your oil then choose a Full Service Oil Company.  Choose Wilcox Energy.  Tell those cash guys that the savings just isn’t there.  You want to go where the value is.  Total Home Comfort.  Delivered.