Giving Back to the Community, one penny at a time.

Wilcox Energy’s Propane Division has extended its commitment to Team Avery for Another Year

Wilcox Energy’s Team Avery Campaign promises to donate a penny for every gallon of propane. “It’s the awareness that’s priceless.

The first year of Wilcox Energy’s Team Avery Campaign has come to a close.  We have already pledged to continue the program for another year.

Our propane division is growing every day, and every gallon of propane that we sell represents hope.  Pennies turn into dollars and dollars turn into research.

We donated over $1400 to Team Avery.  In honor of Avery Leopoldino, a little girl from Old Saybrook who suffers from CDKL5.  CDKL5 is a rare disease that currently has less than 400 diagnosed cases in the world.  Team Avery represents a community.  It is a community that has rallied to raise awareness, raise money, and raise hope that there will someday be a cure to this horrible disease.


Awareness.  We have put Avery’s face on our two propane trucks.  With awareness comes diagnosis.  One family, living with an unknown disease for 8 years, were able to identify their daughter’s disease through information they received at Bill’s Seafood with Avery’s Lemonade stand.

Wilcox Energy remains committed to our local communities and the people who live here.  We support Little Leagues, fire departments, ambulance associations, scouts.  We support recreation & high school sports.  Drama performances and musicals.  We are a local company.  We give locally.  When we looked for a cause to give to with our “hope in every gallon” campaign, we looked local.

If you are in the market for a propane company, and oil company or someone to service or install HVAC equipment, consider Wilcox Energy.  A local company means a local service.  A local company means a familiar face.  When you do business with Wilcox Energy you are supporting the local community.  You can also count on “good old fashioned service”  you know the kind.  The owners are here, the employees have worked here for years (many for 20 years now).

Call Wilcox Energy.  For all of your home comfort needs.  A company you know.  A company you can trust.