Info You Should Know Before Buying A New Air Conditioner

air conditionerAvoiding the cost of installing a new air conditioning system by maintaining an old, worn out one is tempting at times. However, it is typically more cost effective to go with a full air conditioner replacement. That’s because newer cooling units are more efficient and cost less to run in terms of reduced HVAC repairs and down times.

It’s true that the initial investment in a new cooling system can seem overwhelming. Then there are the various air conditioner makes and models to think about in terms of size and efficiency. Other considerations also deserve some deliberation.

The question is, how should you go about selecting the right air conditioning system for your home. This is a question that all HVAC experts get asked on a frequent basis. It is important that homeowners understand what to look for so that they can choose a cooling system that works best for them.

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What To Think About Before Your Air Conditioner Installation East Haddam CT

If the HVAC unit you have been using is more than 20 years old, it should be put out to pasture. You’ll want to consider all of your options so you can make an informed choice. Here are some of the aspects you should consider before investing in a new air conditioner for your home.

1. How To Choose The Right Air Conditioning Brand

The majority of people go with the same brand as the one they already have because they are familiar with it. While it may be true that just because it worked before it will work again. However, there could be better alternatives available today due to changes in HVAC technology. Examples of this would be switching to a central air conditioning system from window units, or going with a ductless system. You’ll want to get acquainted with all the pros and cons of each since you could find the solution you have been looking for. Give Wilcox Energy a call to help you choose the best cooling system for your home.

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2. Sizing And Load Calculation For Your Air Conditioning Needs

consultationMatching the needs of your space with the size of air conditioner you choose is essential. If you splurge on the biggest air conditioning unit you can find, you get the best in cooling. If it is too large, it will reach the temperature you desire too soon and will switch itself off before the humidity level of your home is adequately lowered. A unit that’s too small will not have adequate power to cool your home correctly. It is not good enough to estimate your cooling requirements. An expert HVAC technician is your best choice for determining that by performing a load calculation. The right size unit will meet all your cooling needs.

3. SEER Rating: Air Conditioning Unit Efficiency

The amount of energy consumed by air conditioners goes way beyond any other household appliance. They account for a good part of our energy bills. What we need is an air conditioning unit that is energy efficient enough to produce the required cooling for our home. It also must consume the least amount of energy possible. ENERGY STAR and SEER ratings are indicators that should be paid attention to. The initial cost for the most efficient models may be frightening, but they could lower your monthly bills. After a few years, you will recoup that investment.

4. Air Conditioner Unit Cost

The cost of an A/C unit is typically thousands of dollars. Most people want to find a way to soften the impact that it has on their household budget. You can do this by shopping for air conditioning units during the winter when they go on sale. Prices plummet because the demand is lower during these months. You’ll also find lots of other incentives for buying. Some of these include budget-friendly systems and payment plans. Shopping during the off-season gives you more time to shop around and find exactly what you need. You should look for the smallest unit that will cover all your cooling requirements. There may even be tax credits or rebates in your area that will offset the cost of a new air conditioner installation. Ask Wilcox Energy, your local HVAC contractor, about this.

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5. Air Conditioner Installation: Here’s What You Should Know

cooling system replacement in a residential homeThe multiple components of air conditioning systems must be assembled appropriately if you are to receive maximum efficiency and performance. There’s no such thing as taking one home and simply pushing a button to get them started. A professional HVAC technician knows how to do this right. Select an HVAC contractor with a reputation for producing high-quality air conditioner installations. Sourcing the air conditioner through them will ensure a solid warranty. Your friends and family may be a good source for advice on the subject due to past experience with local contractors. Give Wilcox Energy a call if you are in the southern shoreline of Connecticut.

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6. A/C Maintenance Post Installation

Your focus should not be strictly on the cost of acquisition alone. Maintenance and repairs after an air conditioner installation should also be on your radar. When routinely maintained, cooling systems should last as long as 20 years. Regular maintenance is, after all, a stipulation in warranty contracts. Scheduling regular visits from your HVAC contractor will help you to keep up with this requirement. The cost of maintenance service is lower than AC repairs because it will prevent costly damage due to neglect. A maintenance contract is a good investment.



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