How To Find A Competent Air Conditioner Replacement Company

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Plan your air conditioner replacement carefully to get the most value for your money. Just remember that getting the best cooling equipment is not enough. Make sure that you are hiring a competent AC replacement company as well. After all, the HVAC installation has a big influence on the performance and longevity of the system. Improper installation could have a negative impact on energy efficiency, home comfort, air quality, reliability, and lifespan. On the other hand, proper installation guarantees more than a decade of dependable service. Read on to find out how to spot a good air conditioner replacement company.

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How to Find a Competent Air Conditioner Replacement Company

Cooling systems are composed of several components. Installers should piece them together onsite perfectly to optimize their capabilities. Don’t compromise on installation. Find the best company for the job by inquiring about the following items:

1. Professional HVAC License

Excellent service comes at a price, but most are willing to pay this as long as they are satisfied with the results. If you want a guarantee of excellence, then look for licensed companies. Contractors must pass through the eye of a needle before they can get a license from their states. Local governments screen them for the protection of the consumers. Talk to a handful of contractors and ask them for their license numbers so that you can confirm them with the appropriate department. You will also want to inquire about their insurance status since coverage will be useful if things go wrong.

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2. NATE  & HVAC Industry Certifications

As for the individual technicians, they may undergo tests to obtain industry certification. A recognized program in the HVAC industry is the North American Technician Excellence or NATE certification. In order to qualify, a person must demonstrate mastery of related topics including electrical circuits and safety procedures. The certification only lasts for a limited period only. Technicians must continually receive training to keep in step with industry innovations and maintain their status. This also is applicable for industry certifications.


3. HVAC Contractor Reviews

Companies that have been operating for a while will have a lot of customers. Some of them may be vocal about their experiences, good and bad. You may be able to read their reviews online through social media or third-party review sites. You may also check their official pages to see what the comments are like. Aim for a balanced view by going through both the positive and negative comments. Get feedback from friends as well.

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4. Customer References

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If you have two or more promising leads, then you may use references for further evaluation. Ask them whether they have a list of clients who can serve as references. The best ones have a similar situation to what you are experiencing right now. They may be able to offer deeper insights about the company and the replacement service.

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5. In-Home Visits

It is difficult to convey all the information you need to say on the phone. The best way for HVAC companies to understand your needs is to visit your home and see the place with their own eyes. The most serious contractors will offer this free of charge. They will inspect the existing AC and ask pertinent questions so they can serve you better. They will also provide answers to your questions for your peace of mind.

6. Written Air Conditioner Installation Estimates

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Verbal estimates don’t have much use. If there is no tangible record, then a contractor can simply change is mind and shrug his shoulders. It would also be difficult to scrutinize how he came up with the figure. Whenever you ask for an estimate, get it in writing. Ask the contractor to provide you will all the details so you know where your money is going to. This will make it easier to compare different estimates. It will also help you prevent sudden changes in price.

7. HVAC Scientific Load Calculation

Most people assume that the new AC should be the same size as the existing unit. However, this isn’t always necessary or ideal. It is possible that the old unit is too small or too big for the space. The only way to find out is through an HVAC load calculation. This is a scientific process that considers multiple factors like floor area, ceiling height, regional climate, orientation, surrounding shade, and so on. A lot of contractors take a shortcut by using simple rules to come up with a number. This often leads to inaccurate figures. Be sure to ask how your contractor came up with their recommendations.

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8. HVAC Company Name Recognition

Businesses that perform well in a consistent manner create loyal followers. Their deeds inevitably spread through word of mouth, creating a good reputation in their communities. Their names will always come up when people are looking for their products and services. The same is true for HVAC contractors. If you want replacement services, then ask around for the most reputable names in your area. You may also want to check their company background with particular emphasis on their length of service.


9. Factory-Authorized HVAC Contractors

The companies that make air conditioners make it a point to look for excellent contractors in every city. They assess these candidates based on several criteria and select the best ones. These lucky few are welcomed into special program for advanced training on installations and repair of their systems. Consider this when choosing an installer. In case you already made up your mind about which brand to get, you should look for the factory-authorized contractors in your area to get the best services. They might also be able to provide additional benefits like satisfaction guarantees and extended warranties.

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10. HVAC Solutions Offered

Help your contractor serve you better by writing a summary of your experiences with the old unit and enumerating improvements that you would like to achieve. They should be able to point you to cooling equipment that checks all the boxes. They might also figure out environmental factors and other reasons why the previous issues happen, allowing them to prevent these in the future. Listen closely as their responses will reveal a lot about their competence and experience.



Don’t be tempted by the lowest bidder. Raise your standards beyond cost of service and check for the list of items above. You may pay more initially but you will save money over the years thanks to optimal energy efficiency, equipment reliability, and system longevity. Always choose a professional over an amateur for peace of mind.

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